The twists and turns of life’s journey are a wondrous thing. Forty-nine years ago when I first set out on solo adventures along a forlorn, sun baked stretch of cracked and broken asphalt that snaked through the Black Mountains of Arizona, I never once imagined that that old road would one day lead me to Amsterdam, to international friendships, or to a dubious form of notoriety. Even a decade ago such flights of fancy would have been inconceivable. 
This morning I received flight information and confirmation from Jan Kuperus of U.S. Bikers, the company that is primarily sponsoring our Netherlands adventure this coming January. The dream like feel of this endeavor is beginning to seem a great deal like reality.
This will set the stage for what is rapidly shaping up to be a most exciting year on legendary Route 66, not just for us, but for the entire international community. 
In Illinois, Cheryl Eichar Jett, is rallying the troops and deftly guiding the development of an event in Edwardsville that will add a twist to the Route 66 experience, and, perhaps, become another historic milestone. The latest details and updates are found on Cheryl’s blog, Route 66 Chick.
Zdnek Jurasek of the Czech Route 66 Association is quite busy with premiers of Route 66 Revisted throughout the Czech Republic. I can’t imagine how much this is stirring interest in Route 66 throughout eastern Europe but the film captures the very essence of the Route 66 experience from the freedom of the open road, the people that make it special, and the delightful time capsules found along the way. I won’t spoil the fun but the film also presents the road with a unique twist.
One of the premier events for vintage automotive enthusiasts, the Hemmings Motor News sponsored Great Race takes to Route 66 next year. What an amazing opportunity to showcase Route 66 to the world, and for automotive enthusiasts to discover the time travel that is an adventure on that iconic highway behind the wheel of a vehicle manufactured before the era of I Like Ike buttons.
The Greer’s are moving forward on turning back the hands of time in Truxton. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the day when once again a bowl of chili can be savored in the cafe as a gentle snow fall shrouds the surrounding hills. 
Meanwhile, the Brenner’s in Tucumcari have taken on a similar task. The Roadrunner Lodge, the latest manifestation of a roadside classic, will be a welcome addition to the city for travelers on the double six in 2015. 
Meanwhile, in Kingman, the vintage 1960’s Holiday Inn has been given a full face lift and is ready to welcome travelers under the Ramada name. For groups large or small, the refurbished rooms, pool, lounge, and restaurant will become a welcome oasis for weary travelers.
A bit further to the west, Rosie rolls out the red carpet for travelers at Fender’s River Road Resort on the Colorado River. From Chicago to Santa Monica, new destinations for a new generation of adventurers are spring up like flowers in the desert after spring showers.
A new generation of explorers, a new generation of entrepreneurs ensures that Route 66 will be the main Street of America through its centennial and bound. Together they ensure that each year will be more exciting than the one the before, and that is but another reason that I think 2015 could very well be the most exciting year in the highways 89 year history.               
The twists and turns of life are a truly a grand adventure. And when that journey is along a road signed with two sixes, it becomes an odyssey worthy of the Argonauts.
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