In recent years there was an effort to link Route 66 with Detroit and other communities in the valiant hope that some of that highways stunning renaissance and magic might rub off. Well, my dad always told me that if you head east far enough you will be out west but Route 66 only runs from a park in Chicago to a point just east of a park in Santa Monica. Technically, as the highway no longer officially exists, there is less than a slim chance of it being extended at either end.
Left to right, Swa Frantzen, Nadine, and Croc Lile 
The community of Route 66, however, is truly international in scope. As evidence I present our next odyssey, a Route 66 adventure of epic proportions.
In a few short weeks my dearest friend and I will set out on a Route 66 adventure of epic proportions that begins with handing the keys to the castle to the caretaker, motoring northwest one hundred miles on U.S. 93, formerly U.S. 466, and running the gauntlet of security and the meeting of connecting flights at a few airports. The destination is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a city located to the east of the original terminus of Route 66 in Chicago.
Dries Bessels, and his dear wife Marion, in conjunction with the Dutch Route 66 Association are hosting an open house reception at de Prael (the advertisement with information is at the top of the blog). That in itself is quite exciting.
Then, last evening I received a message that Swa Frantzen and his wife, pioneers in the Route 66 renaissance movement,  will be traveling from Belgium to attend. His Historic 66 website is the oldest of its kind with origins dating to 1994.
Even though a number of requests have been received it will not be possible for me to bring books. The cost of shipping, customs, and an array of factors make it prohibitive. Still, if anyone attending the festivities brings a copy of one of my books, it would truly be my pleasure to add a signature.
The following weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we will be at Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht. As this is one of the largest holiday and tourism fairs in Europe, I am quite excited by this unprecedented opportunity to introduce a new audience to the magic, charm, and excitement of a Route 66 adventure.
I will be at the U.S. Biker and USA Holiday booth to answer questions, and to sign books for those who stop by. Times are yet to be confirmed but I will also be making three thirty minute presentations, one each day, on Route 66 to a general audience. Details will be provided as they become available.
This will truly be a Route 66 adventure of epic proportions!
To close out the morning I would like to remind you that Rich Dinkela and his wife have provided the Route 66 community with a delightful gift, the Events on Route 66 website. Now it is up to each and every one us if the website is to become the valuable resource envisioned.      
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