To say the very least, 2014 was quite interesting. In retrospect there seems to have been little middle ground. There were either highs or lows.
So it is rather fitting that the last day of the year was marked by a rather extreme snow storm, at least for our neck of the woods. While this did create some interesting experiences on my morning commute along Route 66, as well as with the drive home, it also transformed the desert into a place of rare beauty.
Today, the first day of 2015, will be cold and clear. By Monday the forecast is for temperatures near the 70 degree mark.
That is but one of the many reasons I love life in the southwest. We get just enough snow to realize how beautiful it is, and why we don’t live anyplace where this type of weather is a daily occurrence for months on end. 
This particular storm was a rarity in that snow levels were quite low with even a dusting in Needles. That led to thoughts of photographing Cool Springs and the Oatman area at sunrise this morning but as the roads are little more than a rutted ice skating rink, that idea was shelved.
The view from our front door on the last morning
of 2014. 
It really might be for the best. After all, I need to have the first draft for the new book finished before we leave for Amsterdam next week. Then, on our return, I will have only two weeks to write captions. Hopefully by that time the rest of the expected photos will have arrived. 
The last week of 2014 has been rather trying. The first weeks of 2015 will be consumed with an unprecedented adventure. 
My dearest friend was hit with a sever bout of the flu last weekend and is slowly getting back on her feet. Before Christmas, I developed an eye problem that left me looking like a boxer after loosing a fight. That condition is also improving, which means there won’t be a need to find an eye patch and travel looking like a pirate.
Next week we leave for Amsterdam. To say the very least, this will be a grand adventure of epic proportions. The hope is that this sets the stage for a new year filled with an array of new adventures.
First, however, are all of the last minute details associated with preparing the homestead and travel preparation, one of which will be the highly anticipated study in how to pack the maximum of winter clothes possible into a single carry on bag. Details, perhaps of a humorous nature will follow.
Our son will assume the role of master of the estate in our absence. So, this weekend we will need to ensure that the estate is adequately stocked.
As I am unsure about the ability to make regular blog postings during the trip, a journal will be kept with paper and pencil for future reference. For more immediate updates you might consider checking the Facebook page for the Dutch Route 66 Association.
I would like to also suggest that you stay informed about the initiative to preserve the Gasconade River Bridge. Information about how you can provide assistance is located on Rich Dinkela’s website, Hooked on Route 66.
Before we leave I will see if updates about the Route 66 walk of fame in Kingman or the event under development in Edwardsville are available. If so, I will post them here, and personally respond to recent inquiries.
The Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman is now officially open. I will post details pertaining to hours of operation next week.
Are there any other questions I can answer before next week? 



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