My dearest friend and I always try to kick off the new year with an interesting adventure, a little of the out with old in with the new sort of thing. It is often just a short drive, a bit of a hike, and the meeting of new people to quicken the spirit, clear the head, inspire fresh thoughts, and ensure some delightful memories for the years to come.
Some folks prefer the polar bear club. We lean more toward the climbing of Amboy Crater or a trip to Kelso.
For 2015 that little new year celebration seems to have morphed into a month long odyssey of unprecedented proportions. There are even indications that it may last until sometime around November!
Dominating the month, and setting the standard for future adventures quite high was the trip to the Netherlands. My dearest friend and I find ourselves staring at the photos to reassure ourselves that it wasn’t all a most incredible dream.
With the exception of a bout of flu, the weeks since our return have been filled with a tantalizing string of activities that hint this year will be a most amazing one for us as well as the Route 66 community. Even better, there is the distinct possibility that all of this will only set the stage for an even more amazing 2016 that includes the international gathering of Route 66 enthusiasts at the original western terminus of the highway in Los Angeles (thank you, Scott Piotrowski).
The sprint to the finish for the current book was given added incentive with receipt of a proposal for another project. In addition to being a subject of interest it represents an opportunity to partner with an esteemed colleague and very good friend.
Cheryl Jett informs me that even though progress has been slow and frustrating, the events being developed in Edwardsville for the weekend of October 31 are starting to shape up. I can relate to the trials and tribulations she and the community face. In a more perfect world there would be an organization such as the old U.S. Route 66 Association in place that could provide assistance, support, and a developmental template.
The list of tour groups that we will be meeting with in coming months as they travel along Route 66 continues to grow. That is always a highlight of our year.
Kathy and David Alexander of Legends of America are currently on the road. I am quite eager to meet with them this weekend as that will ensure an interesting project or two.
The long anticipated exploration of Two Guns with Sean Evans as our intrepid guide is now confirmed. Even better, we will be sharing that adventure with some dear friends from the Netherlands.
David Heward informs me that two very exciting events are shaping up in Holbrook. I am unsure if we can participate in them both. However, we fully intend to partake in the summer get together and share some table space with Mike Ward.
The folks here in Kingman are cooking up an interesting event, Best of The West on 66. Blending the best of the traditional western events including a rodeo that is the cities historic Andy Devine Days celebration with a celebration of Route 66 including additional inductions into the Route 66 Walk of Fame has the potential to be something truly spectacular.
I am unsure how we could dovetail it into the schedule or budget, but including Cuba Fest in the years activity. That is an event that every Route 66 enthusiast needs to experience my friends.
Yep, it looks as though January opened the door on a most interesting year. Now, if I can just figure out how to deal with the fact that we are feeling a bit homesick for Amsterdam (there is an unexpected twist) this could be a year like no other.  
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