Once upon a time people simply traveled Route 66 to get from point “A” to point “B”. I am not sure exactly when that was as history teaches us that the old double six was always an experience. 
In the era of the Route 66 renaissance, the individual does not travel this storied old highway. They live an adventure with the passing of each mile.
It is an overwhelming and addictive sensory experience, a near complete immersion in a colorful and warm world that stands in stark contrast to the modern era. It is a 2,400 mile visit with friends and friends yet made. It is good food served by smiling folk, and hotel owners that remember your name. It is a surreal world where the past and present blend together seamlessly. 
For my dearest friend and I this iconic old highway is a portal to previously unimaginable adventures. It is almost magical place where we share an evening of dinner, laughter, and conversation with dear friends from the Netherlands on Thursday, make arrangements for a breakfast with friends from the Czech Republic the next day, and the day after that, assist with plans to welcome a Japanese celebrity who will be traveling Route 66 in the weeks to come. 
This past week, seven short days, sum up the amazing adventure that is life lived intertwined with legendary Route 66.
Work on the forthcoming guide to the Kingman area, including a walking tour of that fair city, is moving closer to fruition. Likewise with a pending report on the state of the Route 66 community in 2015. 
There was also a delightful adventure in Two Guns with Sean and Karen Evans, Olivia Charest, Dries and Marion Bessels, Marianne van Marle, and her husband Henk. The wind howled, the sand stung our faces, and our picnic included flying bread and more than the daily recommended dosage of minerals. Still, there was laughter, smiles, and memories made.
As a bonus, there was a surprise visit from Cameron and Kevin Mueller of the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari. They were on their way to California to pick up a motorcycle. They stopped by to visit in Kingman yesterday on their return trip. What a gorgeous motorcycle!
In a meeting with Dwayne Patterson of the Kingman Remax Prestige Properties office, a request was made for assistance in the development of a Kingman promotional site. This morning I compiled and submitted a photo file. Stay tuned for details on this one.
I was quite honored by a similar request made by Frank Kocevar, the former owner of Seligman Sundries. He has launched a large interactive, detailed, and informative Route 66 website (Route 66 Experience)that will surely be of benefit to the entire Route 66 community. This morning I compiled and submitted a large photo file for his project. 
An example of the treasures
awaiting your discovery at
the Jim Hinckley’s America
Gallery hosted by Legends of
While I was at it, I created another photo file for submission to expand the gallery offerings at Legends of America. David and Kathy, the proprietors of this most interesting website, host Jim Hinckley’s America Gallery, the official site for purchase of our photo prints.    
The gallery currently features seasonal scenes from the entire length of Route 66 as well as from our other adventures on the road less traveled. I am quite confident that you find at least one photo print that will brighten the home or office, and inspire a road trip or two. 
Some images are also now available as iphone cases, t-shirts, canvas wraps, and for commercial or editorial download. 
The highlight of the week to date came on Thursday evening when we joined Dries and Marion, Marianne and Henk for a wonderful dinner at the Dambar in Kingman that was accompanied by laughter, conversation, and the sharing of memories. 
Also this week, I was quite honored by receipt of an email from Atsuyuki Katasuyama, the Japanese long distance runner that is going to retrace the course of the historic Bunion Derby in coming weeks. He has a copy of one of my Route 66 books, and requested that we meet to visit as he passes through Kingman. Details of his adventure can be found via this link. So, I am working to set up a suitable reception. 
I received word this morning from Roderick Wilde of the Historic Electric vehicle Foundation that a big reception for participants in this years Great Race will take place in the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum in the Powerhouse Visitor Center. He also noted that there will be numerous new additions to the museum by that time and plans are to have the largest exhibition of vehicles manufactured by Detroit Electric ever assembled. 
So, if your in the neighborhood on Friday, June 26, stop by the Powerhouse Visitor Center in Kingman. It should be an unprecedented automotive extravaganza. 
I also received a note from Zdnek Jurasek, a friend from the Czech Republic who is also a critically acclaimed film producer and president of that countries Route 66 association. His tour will be stopping in Kingman on May 13, and so I am making arrangements for their visit. 

I am currently awaiting a phone call from David Heward of Holbrook. He will be passing through town today and we are to meet, discuss the Route 66 event in Holbrook scheduled for June 13, (yes, we will be in attendance), and to get a sneak peak at the new Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum tee shirts. I should note that the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is looking for gift shop owners who would like to sell the new shirts this summer.   
Then, this evening, there is the first installment of Chilin’ on Beale in historic downtown Kingman. This low key event that is a blending of music, cruising, food, and simple fun takes place on the third Saturday night of each month, April through October.For my dearest friend and I the evening will be enhanced with dinner at Redneck’s Southern Barbecue shared with friends who have recently relocated to California. This is the way to close out a week!
Yep, life intertwined with Route 66 is truly a grand adventure!      
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