To say the very least, on Route 66 it is shaping up to be a most interesting and, perhaps, historic summer and fall. First, there was completion of the report on the state of the Route 66 community (published in three parts here at Route 66 Chronicles) and its subsequent international distribution that has sparked a great deal of discussion.
Respondents almost universally agreed about the primary need facing the international Route 66 community so, as I see it the next challenge will be how to transform that passionate discussion into a representative organization that meets the needs of that community, an entity similar in nature to the original U.S. Highway 66 Association. 
My hope was and is that the organizers of the Miles of Possibility conference in Edwardsville, Illinois will take the lead and in working with the various committees from the Route 66 The Road Ahead initiative steering committee, the National Park Service, and people who have a track record for success with the utilization of the highways renaissance as a catalyst for development facilitate an organizational meeting. This coupled with the array of fun filled Route 66 activities scheduled to coincide with the conference would ensure that this is an historic event.
Meanwhile, a bit closer to home, I have been asked to assist in the establishment and development of the Route 66 Association of Kingman. The primary goal will be to foster development of a sense of community and community purpose that will in turn support revitalization in the cities historic district and along the Route 66 corridor. 
A similar organization existed a decade or so ago but it was stillborn. Now, however, there is a growing passion within the city, largely resultant of last years Route 66 International Festival. 
One manifestation of this is the transformation of the former Holiday Inn into the Ramada, a facility that also includes the Canyon 66 restaurant and lounge. The owners are continuing to develop the property and plans call for electric vehicle charging stations, a play ground for children, and a dog park.

Chillin’ on Beale

Even more exciting are their ongoing plans to assist in the development of, and centralize area tours from the hotel with the goal of making Kingman a destination rather than just a stop. With miles of scenic hiking and mountain bike trails, ghost towns, museums, Route 66, Grand Canyon West Resort in the immediate area, and events such as Chillin’ on Beale on the third Saturday evening of the month, this is long overdue.
Meanwhile, we are counting down the days to the big event in Holbrook (the weekend of June 13). In addition to the Route 66 festival itself, there are plans afoot for another Sean and Karen Evans led adventure. 
Then there are pending visits. After years of correspondence we will finally be meeting with Adele Mossetter, and her husband Robert, from the land down under, and Sylvia and Bernhard Hohn from Germany. 
Visiting with pen pals, friends, and enthusiasts traveling Route 66 is always the highlight of our summer season. The enthusiasm and excitement they have for the adventure is quite infectious. 
This year promises to be even more exciting as we move closer toward the long envisioned dream of providing assistance to those planning trips, and developing customized tours in the local area as well as along Route 66 and in the southwest. Toward that end we will have an office with reception area at Dunton Motors Dream Machines next to Mr. D’z.

Author Jim Hinckley with a tour from the Czech
Republic led by Zdnek Jurasek. Courtesy Judy

For details about these ventures or for inquiries drop me a note. You may also give me a call at (928)897-7766.
Meanwhile, here is to grand adventures and living the dream. 


. if we can only transform that discussion into a representative My personal hope is that all of this discussion will be channeled into the