Once again I have successfully managed to stave off boredom for another week, and its only Friday. As a bonus, I have a front row seat to the transformation of Kingman which will be picking up speed this summer.

Reestablishment of the Route Association of Kingman Arizona is on the fast track. The primary goal of the organization will be revitalization of the historic district and Route 66 corridor as a catalyst for city wide economic development and the fostering of a sense of community purpose.
This may seem a bit idealistic but my thought is that, perhaps, the structure and development of the organization could serve as a template for the establishment of similar organizations in communities along the Route 66 corridor. These organizations could then bolster and revitalize state associations and in turn serve as the foundation for a representative national organization similar to the original U.S. Highway 66 association.
In a somewhat unrelated note, last evening there was an informal get together at the Ramada Kingman. The primary topic of discussion was harnessing the Route 66 renaissance as a means for the transformation of Kingman.
Greg Arnold and Alie Reynolds of Giganticus Headicus fame, Allen and Lynette Greer from the Frontier Motel and restaurant in Truxton, Steve Wagner and his wife, Sonja Claw, and a few others made for lively, interesting, and productive conversation. We closed out our meeting of the minds with an agreement to make this a monthly gathering. 
I will post the date and time for the June meeting this weekend. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for updates or to be kept in the loop, drop me a note. 
Meanwhile the self publishing endeavor that will manifest as a guide to the sites and attractions in the Kingman area is nearing completion, but at glacial speeds. Here too my active imagination is unleashed as I envision this as being the first of several guide books that profile Route 66 communities. 

Kingman reborn

This ties in with serious discussions pertaining to the development of Kingman area tours. This will be an expansion of the current services offered to tour groups that include presentations and the development of special events.
This neat little Kingman promotional package that includes the previously noted podcasts. Now that the flu is behind me and my voice isn’t giving the impression that I suffer from a late onset of puberty, that project is back on track. 
Plans are to send the first audio file to Gary Cron at Baby Boomer Radio for his editorial expertise. Stay tuned for details.
Shifting focus a bit, I want to remind you that the date for the second annual Route 66 Festival takes place on the weekend of June 13. I hope to see you there.
The steering committee that morphed into the Route 66: The Road initiative has been a topic of heated discussion in the Route 66 community over the course of the past few months. The primary complaint has centered on public involvement in the groups development. 
I am quite pleased to announce that a series of town hall meetings for discussing the groups progress to date as well as the next steps is being tentatively  being scheduled for the month of July. Details have yet to be confirmed but as soon as they become available I will post them. 
Here is the proposed schedule and location for the meetings:
 Date:    Tuesday, July 21 
City:     Springfield, IL

Date:    Wednesday, July 22
City:     Springfield, MO (KS/MO)

Date:    Thursday, July 23
City:    Oklahoma City, OK

Date:   Friday, July 24
City:    Amarillo, TX

Date:   Saturday, July 25
City:    Albuquerque, NM

Date:   Tuesday, July 28
City:    Flagstaff, AZ

Date:   Wednesday, July 29
City:    San Bernardino, CA
The Birthplace of Route 66 Festival in Springfield, Missouri, a major event on the road this year kicks off on August 14. We have tentative plans on attendance but in either case this is not an event to be missed. 

Also on our travel calendar is the Miles of Possibilities event that will take place in Edwardsville, Illinois on the last weekend in October. I especially recommend this event if you have interest in fostering development on Route 66 or in your community.
The next few days holds the possibility of even more exciting developments. Details will be provided in the next installment of Route 66 Chronicles. 
Did you notice that my talented and dearest friend has worked her way through the trademark process? Now, to put the logo to work.