Good times and the double six, they go hand in glove as iconic Route 66 is far more than a mere highway. The old U.S. 66 is now a road where dreams come true, memories are made, and friends gather to share the adventure.
This weekend the memory making fun with friends, the adventure, and the focus will all center on the City of Tucumcari. The third annual Rockabilly on the Route Festival has lured fans of the double six and music from as far away as Japan and South Africa. 
Next weekend the spotlight moves west as Holbrook hosts the cities second annual Route 66 Festival. We weren’t able to work the events in Tucumcari into the schedule but my dearest friend and I, as well as Mike and Sharon Ward, will be in Holbrook. 
From Chicago to Santa Monica communities large and small are creating festivals as unique and as diverse as the Route 66 community. What better way can you think of for adding zest to the Route 66 experience?  
Meanwhile, here in Kingman, things are methodically moving forward which gives me a bit of hope that the city will in time live up to the slogan coined some years ago; the Heart of Route 66. The Route 66 Association of Kingman is another step closer to reality. In September the traditional Andy Devine Days celebration of western heritage will be linked to the cities Route 66 history in an event labeled Best of the West on 66.
In the last posting I noted a few of the exciting developments at the Grand Canyon Caverns. Now, I am quite pleased to announce that they are the latest sponsor of Route 66 Chronicles. Look for their advertisement soon, and add a stop at the caverns to your travel plans.
Over the course of the past few months we have touched on the possibility  of tours being offered in the Kingman area several times. Well, recently this idea moved closer to fruition.

Dries Bessels of the Dutch Route 66 Association
and author Jim Hinckley on the old wagon road
near Kingman, Arizona. 

So, just out of curiosity, who would be interested in a one of a kind tour along Route 66 and sections of the National Old Trails Highway from Kingman to Seligman with yours truly as the guide? Who might have interest in a customized tour of the seldom explored Kingman historic district as well as the cities Route 66 corridor, including segments of the National Old Trails Highway, celebrity associated sites, and the former Kingman Army Airfield?
To eliminate any confusion it should be noted that I am still working with Rick Thomas of Open Road Productions to develop custom tours. This, however, is for the development of customized tours on Route 66 or in the southwest.
For my dearest friend and I, the absolute highlight of our Route adventures is the people we meet along the way, friends we share those odysseys with, and opportunities for seeing the road anew through the eyes of visitors. As an example, last Sunday we were privileged with an opportunity to share a lunch and lively conversation with Slyvia and Bernhard Hohn.

Judy Hinckley, Jim Hinckley courtesy
Sylvia Hohn. 

What a charming, enthusiastic, and adventuresome couple. We are looking forward to seeing them next summer during the European Route 66 Festival in Germany. 
In addition to a new found friendship, they blessed us with some excellent German sweet treats. Sylvia also shared this photo as a souvenir of our lunch together.  
Good times on the old double six, you betcha!