A stunning view at Grand Canyon Western Ranch.
For my dearest friend and I, it has been quite a dry spell. I am not referring to the lengthy dry spell in Arizona that may result in folks hunting jerky instead of deer, but instead to the lack of travel this year. 
We enjoyed an epic adventure to the Netherlands and Belgium in January, a trip to Two Guns for a guided tour by Sean Evans that was shared with a few friends, and I attended the Route 66 events in Holbrook. Aside from this, our adventures have been limited to some short but interesting excursions in the immediate area; one to Grand Canyon Caverns and another to Grand Canyon Western Ranch. 
Still, we have no complaints. It is just that in recent years we have become rather spoiled by being able to enjoy one or more trips on Route 66, and a dozen or so side trips on an annual basis. 
So, the pending adventure to the Miles of Possibilities Conference and Route 66 related events in Edwardsville, Illinois has us chomping at the bit. Lodging and rental car reservations are made, and meetings scheduled. Next, notifying friends along the way and packing the bags (and updating the laptop, loading cartons of books as well as promotional materials, stocking up the pantry for the caretaker of the castle, and assorted last minute details).
Even though our travels have been a bit limited in scope this year, we have enjoyed an array of international adventures thanks to friends who stopped by on their Route 66 odyssey. Most recently these adventures were in the form of a dinner with Jan Kuperus, a beer with an acquaintance from the Netherlands, coffee with Akio Takeuchi and his family, breakfast with Eva and Zdnek Jurasek, and their tour from the Czech Republic, and Ellen and Udo Klinkel who were traveling with Dr. Nick Gerlich
There are also a gauntlet of meetings to attend, the ongoing negotiations with the publisher, and an event or two standing between us and a road trip. Saturday there is a German Fest in Seligman. On Monday, I meet with Gilligan’s Wild West Tour when they stop in town and finalize details for the self publishing endeavor. Tuesday will be consumed with a series of meetings that range from planning sessions for the Celebrate 90 initiative facilitated by the Route 66 Association of Kingman to city government. 
For us as well as visitors on the weekend of October 16, the biggest problem will be deciding just what to do. On the evening of the 16th there is a reception for the National Route 66 Motor Tour at the Powerhouse Visitor center linked with a special showing of the vehicles housed at that facility in the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum. 
On Saturday you can choose between the 2nd Annual Rattler Mountain Bike event, a bluegrass festival at Stetson Winery, or a cruise to Grand Canyon Caverns that is a part of the package being offered by Ramada Kingman. That evening its Chillin’ on Beale and Cinema under the Stars hosted by the Route 66 Association of Kingman. 
For years Kingman was, in my humble opinion, the undisputed champion of overlooked vacation destinations. That seems to be changing at a rather rapid clip. 
In addition to a staggering number of exciting and diverse events that will be taking place most every weekend in 2016, there is our “160-Miles of Smiles” which is the longest uninterrupted segment of Route 66 remaining. There are also some pretty interesting resorts and adventure packages such as two day rafting trips in the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Caverns Resort, Hualapai Mountain Resort, and Grand Canyon Western Ranch for unique lodging options, good food, and even a cowboy camp out. 
As added incentive for making a voyage of discovery to Kingman, contact Ramada Kingman (928-753-6262) for information about the availability of special packages or room discounts. If you book an adventure with Grand Canyon Western Ranch, use promo code “Hinckley” and receive a 10% discount. And, if you catch me on the road, inquire about Grand Canyon Caverns and I can arrange for a special $59.00 room rate at he Caverns Inn, a 48-room time capsule. 
So, just because fall has officially arrived, and winter is just around the corner, don’t give up on road trips!   

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