Judging by inquiries received, regular followers have noticed that to kick off 2016 there wasn’t a traditional post to welcome in the new year, and share more of the highlights from the previous one. There is an explanation and it will also alleviate some of the concerns expressed in other inquiries. 
The new year is less than a week old and at the very least, it has been just a tad interesting. If this is any indication of what the new year will be like, I had best cinch down and hold on tight. 
In five very short days, we enjoyed a brief but enjoyable Route 66 road trip and an opportunity to watch a winter storm sweep into a desert valley, the intrepid duo at Fading Nostalgia provided a bit of inspiration to finish a long overdue project, I was provided another opportunity to hone my on screen skills and experienced extreme frustration of epic proportions, a few interesting new opportunities appeared on the not to distant horizon, and I discovered a wonderful, and quite rare, 1924 Dodge coupe. 
From the top, a bit of a cold that seems to have turned into bronchitis crimped plans for a busy and productive weekend, and sent my carefully devised timetable for completing the current book project before deadline into a tailspin. 
By Saturday afternoon, my voice was just less than a whisper. As I was scheduled for an interview on Morning Scramble, AZ Channel 7 in Prescott, bright and early Monday morning, I sent an email to the producer on Sunday informing them of the situation. 
Well, resultant of the holidays they had no backup plan, especially on such short notice. So, on Monday morning, at 3:00, I pulled my coughing carcass from bed, and an hour later we were off on a 300 mile adventure as the radio blared warnings of an impending doom in the form of a winter storm system. Incredibly, I made it through the interview without coughing even though my voice was just above a raw whisper in pitch.
As my dearest friend had a similar cold the week before I did, and as I was feeling rather well after three days of self imposed house arrest and very long naps, and what I felt were excessive doses of Robitussin, Nyquil, and Jack Daniels in my hot lemon tea, we decided a small celebration of the new year was in order. So, we stopped at Westside Lilo’s Cafe in Seligman for some traditional German sauerkraut and a southwestern grilled green chili chicken sandwich, and chased that delicious lunch with a cruise home on Route 66. 
The irritating cough returned just in time for bed, and the slight burning sensation in the chest has lasted through the day. So, I have debated seeing a doctor but aside from these symptoms, I feel right as rain even if the energy levels leave a great deal to be desired. 
If it hadn’t been a holiday weekend, I would have seen a doctor several days ago. Now, however, my stubborn side says, at this late date I might as well suck it up and just ride it out. 
So, in a nutshell, I apologize for not upholding tradition. I also apologize for causing a bit of undue worry that could have been resolved with a simple note posting. And to those who made inquiries, thank you. They have been most appreciated.
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