The eclectic decorations in my office. 

In the first post for 2016, I noted that even though the new year was not quite a week old, it was already shaping up to be a most interesting year. Well, that trend continues and as a result, I am looking toward the coming months with just a bit of dread and a great deal of eager anticipation as well as excitement. There is also that frustrating apprehension akin to that which makes it difficult to drive after a rather severe accident. 

As I was unable to shake the cough and congestion with over the counter medicines and a few traditional remedies such as whiskey in lemon tea with honey the decision was made to seek medical advice. The cough medicine prescribed seems to be doing something besides the induction of sleep that borders on being unconscious. 
As the deadline for the current book is looming on the not so distant horizon, a primary focus has been to get back on track and restore the schedule; minimum 2,000 words per day, 30 minutes on the photo file. The goal was to have the first draft of the text complete by the middle of February, and after the trip to Los Angeles at the end of January, complete the photo file. Then the mail arrived and I learned that my request to be excused for jury duty had been denied, and that I was to report the first week in February, and be available for the entire month. 
So, now, the first draft will need to be completed this month since I can not count on having the extra two weeks in February. This means I will need to cancel plans for the trip to California, which in turn means that if we make the trip in the first weeks of March, I will have mere days to complete the photo file. 
Meanwhile, I went by Beale Celebrations to test the equipment and make a dry run of my presentation, An Armchair Tour of Route 66, scheduled for the evening of January 16. Technicians were working on the system as apparently there was a major malfunction so the test was postponed until next week.
I should note that it looks as though we may have a sell out for the presentation, but a few tickets are still available. Contact Jamie Taylor at Just Marketing, (928)530-2056 for tickets and information.
For months I have alluded to the development of a podcast. That project as well as a video blog have been placed on the priority list but resultant of pending jury duty, and the need to add extra hours to the book project, these are again being pushed to the back burner.
Added incentive to move these projects forward came with the release of the first podcast from the duo at Fading Nostalgia, Chris and Katie. I do not want to compete but to emulate, as their projects, including the excellent podcast, as with the endeavors of Roamin’ Rich Dinkela, encourage people to explore, even if it is just vicariously.
To ensure that boredom is kept at bay, at least through January, another publisher approached me about an interesting project. At the end of yesterday’s conversation, for reasons that allude me, I agreed to provide an outline and proposal – by next Friday. 
There is also a need to address inquiries about my availability in the coming months. The armchair tour of Route 66 presentation may become a road show.
After months of discussion, planning, and false starts, the tour packages that include special room rates, breakfast, and other perks are available at Ramada Kingman. In addition to a walking tour of the historic district with me as a guide, they have packages for Chillin on Beale, and for Grand Canyon Western Ranch as well as Grand Canyon Caverns and Grand Canyon West Resort, home of the world famous sky walk.
Yes, indeed, it is shaping up to be a most interesting year. And we are just getting started with plans to attend the European Route 66 Festival in Germany this coming July.     

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