As is often the case in my world, it has been another interesting week. Once again, it was the best of times and the worst of times. 
As the highlights out number the low points, indicative of another week that I will list as a success, we will start at the bottom and work our way up from there. However, as the schedule is once again rather restrictive, details will follow later. This is the abbreviated version. 
The filing of taxes is complete and I can again breathe easy, at least I will be able to once the taxes owed are paid. Then, of course, there are quarterly taxes looming on the not so distant horizon.
This year marked my first for getting a flu shot, an interesting way to celebrate new years. Well, that didn’t work out exactly as planned as I spent Wednesday and Thursday down for the count, and today, even though I felt better, it would have been a challenge to fight my way out of a wet paper sack with a sharp knife and instructions. 
Seldom is there an opportune time to be sick but this particular illness came at a very bad time. I have a deadline to complete a report for Grand Canyon Caverns, to proof read the final edit for a book that I assisted Joe Sonderman with, to submit a portfolio of author photos, to complete a projected expense report for the pending trip to the European Route 66 Festival in Germany, and to confirm the schedule of appearances for the coming weeks. 
I had also promised to send out the press release and invitations for the pending Route 66 Association of Kingman Meet and Greet scheduled for March 10, 6:00 PM, at Black Bridge Brewery. I should note that this event, an informal opportunity for networking, is open to the public. To further ensure there is adequate pressure, I am scheduled to be in Los Angeles on Sunday, which means we will need to get the house supplied for our son, keeper of the homestead in our absence.
Now, the highlights. On Tuesday, I had the privilege of representing Grand Canyon Caverns at an Arizona Attractions marketing meeting at Bearizona in Williams. This is a rather interesting initiative that I will discuss further in future postings.
General arrangements have been finalized with the Dambar for me to make a series of special dinner presentations this year. The first of these is entitled Murder, Mayhem, Disaster, and Celebrities on Route 66. I will provide details including ticket information as soon as possible. 
For the Ramada Kingman, plans are underway for a “roadie” bash on April 30th to coincide with the annual Route 66 Fun Run. Details for this event will be provided as soon as possible. 
Also, even though they are a bit delayed, details for the Ramada Kingman photo contest were finalized. I think you will be most surprised as the contest has evolved into transforming the property into a photo gallery, and paying a commission on photographs sold. 
Okay, I have more to share but that will have to wait as there is a report to finish. Stay tuned for details as well as exciting updates and information from Los Angeles.        
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