Please, don’t tell my folks that I am a used car salesman (or politician). They think that I am in prison and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them.
There was a time many, many years ago, with this old adage in mind, that desperation and a need to continue the habit of eating on a regular basis drove me to try my hand at selling used cars. It was a very short lived endeavor but in that brief period of time I learned quite a few lessons. 
As an example, for a few salesman the key to success is sincerity and a belief that once that can be faked, the rest comes easy. Another lesson was that I am not a “sell the sizzle, not the steak” kind of fella. Selling something that I believe in comes easy but there has to be substance, a value in what is being sold. 
Well, with that being said, if you have a business that could benefit from international exposure, or would like some assistance in putting your community on the map, may I suggest an affiliation with Jim Hinckley’s America? 
It all started simply enough more than twenty years ago with a desire and passion for writing as a means to encourage people to explore the world around them by sharing our adventures on the road less traveled. At some point in time, I joined the ranks of Kleenex, Jello, Louis Chevrolet, and David Buick. The name became a brand. 
That is the short version of a long story. Now, Jim Hinckley’s America and the logo designed and trademarked by my dearest friend may be more widely recognized than I am. That, my friends, is a most interesting turn of events.
Updates From Jim Hinckley’s America (subscription form for the free service is in the right hand column) kicked off a few weeks ago as a means to broaden the original vision; encouraging folks to explore the world around them and providing some of the resources for planning those adventures. Currently these dispatches are emailed to subscribers three times per week, and when published, a link appears on my personal Facebook page as well as on the pages for Jim Hinckley’s America, and the Route 66 Association of Kingman, and on Twitter. So, if you have an event that needs a plug, drop me a note and send details.
With forty-five subscribers yesterday, it seems that I have tapped into more than just a means for promoting me, my work, and the places that are special to us. I have also found another venue where business owners and communities can ride along with us and promote what they have to offer. 
Our trademarked logo
Currently the various endeavors linked under the Jim Hinckley’s America umbrella (the thrice weekly dispatches, distribution of promotional materials during our travels, the Facebook page, the speaking engagements, and, eventually, the slowly developing podcast) have two full time sponsors; Ramada Kingman and Grand Canyon Caverns.
So, if your business or community would like to bolster promotional and marketing initiatives, have I got a deal for you. I suppose that since I am peddling wares, it should also be noted that my services as a developmental consultant (tours as well as for municipalities looking to link economic development with tourism) seem to be in demand. If I may be of service in this regard, …
To wrap this up, if your planning an adventure in the near future, or need incentive for an adventure, or ideas for the next odyssey, sign up today for free Updates From Jim Hinckley’s America. And, if you would like to book an appearance, currently the schedule is rather full through late July. 
Take care, travel safe, and we hope that our paths will cross on the road less traveled. 
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