Packing for a Route 66 adventure of
the international type – 
As you read this we are on the road to the airport in Las Vegas. By this time tomorrow, with weary eyes, we will be preparing to watch our first German sunset with an ice cold beer in hand. 
As is often the case, the days before an eagerly anticipated adventure are an endless series of frustrations, check lists, and the resolution of last minute details. And, more often than not, there are also a number of unexpected issues to address. 
As an example, on the Fourth of July my carefully crafted time table left the tracks with the discovery that the cooling fan for the refrigerator was no longer operational. Fortunately it was a rather simple fix even though it consumed a couple of hours that could not be spared. 
The first hours of Tuesday morning were consumed with a most stimulating marketing meeting at Ramada Kingman. Topping the list of exciting developments discussed were the recent conversations with the developers of the Solar Roadway project, and initiation of a feasibility study for funding and installation. 
The addition of a Solar Roadway sidewalk or parking lot to the property would be a manifestation of the theme for the 2014 Route 66 International Festival, Kingman: crossroads of the past and future. Linked with electric vehicle charging stations, the limited partnership with the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, and the proposed hosting of an electric vehicle weekend in conjunction with Chillin’ on Beale in October, the Solar Roadway project would also represent a major step toward transforming the historic property into a “green” motel complex. As a full service Route 66 resort, it would also add to the writing of a new chapter in this storied highways history. 
Last minute details are not always unpleasant. On Monday, I logged on to the Condor Airline website to check on a few details pertaining to the pending flight to Germany. Imagine my surprise to see a New Mexico Route 66 road sign on their home page. 
Even though we are quite excited to be attending the European Route 66 Festival, an historic milestone, it is the opportunity to enjoy the event with friends that really quickens the spirit. Of course that could be said for any Route 66 event or festival. 
Dependent on WiFi access, and the level of exhaustion as well as the days activities, a valiant effort will be made to at least post snippets or photos during the adventure. At the very least I will be posting snippets on the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page. 
For those attending the festival, we will see you soon. And for fans of the double six, stay tuned for a vicarious adventure as well as exciting developments. 

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