Time for reflection.
Courtesy Herberta Schroeder
Anniversaries and similar milestones in life always spark reflection on what was, the dreams we once had, the future that we envisioned, and the future that we envision now. 
In less than two weeks my dearest friend and I will celebrate thirty-three years as husband and wife, and almost thirty-five years of adventure. Each and every day I give thanks for her unwavering support, the advice, the encouragement, the friendship, and her irrepressible sense of adventure.
With all honesty, when my dearest friend and I were double dating in a battered ’26 Ford touring car, when I was driving in from the ranch to see her in my ’46 GMC, and when we exchanged those vows, we never once imagined that we would one day be sharing adventures with friends in Germany, sipping coffee in the kitchen of friends in Amsterdam, or having lunch in Kingman with friends from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the Netherlands. After all, we were just small town kids in a dusty Arizona town, a clerk in a department store and an itinerant ranch hand who occasionally earned his keep by polishing shovel handles or driving a truck.
Jeroen and Maggie Boersma with me, and my dearest
friend at the first European Route 66 festival.
Courtesy Sylvie Toullec
Even though I am quite a dreamer, apparently I don’t dream big enough. 
Well, last year my dearest friend and I saddled up for a new type of adventure (better late than never, I suppose), a quest to make the chasing of dreams the day job. To say the very least it has been interesting.
This fun filled, nerve wracking, tumultuous year kicked off on an August morning that included a damaged trailer, computer issues, a somewhat heated confrontation with my employer at the time, and then driving home before lunch with two songs, one by Johnny Cash and the other by Jason Aldean playing in my head. 
Since that life changing morning, I have written two books (one released earlier this year and the other due for release next spring). The guide to the Kingman area, thanks to Mr. Keppler, was my first self publishing endeavor. It is also available as an e-book.
The second book is the stages of final edit, cover design, etc. It is a bit different than previous endeavors even though it is also a Route 66 title. In this work the focus is on the Route 66 renaissance and some of the people that are fueling it or that played a role in transforming a defunct American highway into an icon. 
I have also learned a bit about how to use my knowledge of the Route 66 community as a means to assist towns or businesses looking to harness interest in the highway as a catalyst for development. In turn, that has provided opportunity to revive a few projects that suffered from false starts or were shelved due to a lack of time. Details on a few of these will be forthcoming soon. 
First, however, a couple of important updates that might be of interest. The date for the Best of the West 66 Festival in Kingman is fast approaching. In addition to being a fun filled weekend for one and all, the tourism expo will be an excellent venue for showcasing your business or community. For information contact Jamie Taylor at Just Marketing, 928-530-2056.

The history of this important segment of
Route 66 in Kingman will be revealed
during my presentation at the Missouri
History Museum in St. Louis. 

On October 1, I will be making a presentation at the annual fund raising dinner for the Needles Chamber of Commerce. Full details will be provided shortly.  
My dearest friend and I will again take to the road in mid October as presentations are currently scheduled for Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri, at the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park in St. Louis, and at the 2nd Annual Miles of Possibilities Conference that will take place in Bloomington, Illinois. In November, we head west for the 90th anniversary Route 66 celebration in Los Angeles where I will be making another presentation. 
The travel schedule has yet to be completed but it would be great to see you on the road, either at an event or for coffee along the way. Drop me a note and perhaps we can coordinate a meeting. Likewise if you would like to retain my services for a fund raiser or presentation in your community.
Now, I need to wrap this up. Here is to adventures and adventures shared with good friends. 
In closing, a parting thought. Never give up on dreams, don’t be afraid to dream big, and chase those dreams wherever they may lead.    

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