As you may have noticed there is a tendency to launch a few projects, occasionally prematurely, that seem to develop at glacial speeds. In part this is resultant of a tendency to get the horse before acquiring a cart. In other words my technical skills, or the lack thereof, hinder the ability to bring brilliant ideas, or ideas that seem brilliant to me, to fruition.
On occasion I have enlisted professional assistance, often with darkly comedic results. As examples you can take the on again, off again video endeavors or the podcast. 
I am quite pleased to say that, finally, we may be closing in on resolution of both.

Plans are for the first video in this series to be released by the end of October. Audio files recorded during filming will be utilized for the podcast. The folks behind this are sponsors of Jim Hinckley’s America, myMarketing Designs. 
Slowly, I have also been training myself to make regular postings on Instagram and Twitter, a good morning from where ever I happen to be at the time. In addition, using GoPro, another gadget I am trying to learn, or my phone, I am sharing updates with short two or three minute videos recorded during the morning walkabout. These are posted on the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page.

It is all a bit exciting and just a touch overwhelming. When I was telling people where to go utilizing a battered 1948 Underwood typewriter and various publishers that paid me for my work, I never imagined that it be possible to take folks with me on morning walkabouts. 
In this mornings video I noted a new book. Well, the final edit is complete and a publication date for next spring is set. 
This will also be a Route 66 title. However, even though it has a bit of the expected travel, history, and trivia, it centers on the people that make Route 66 special, the people who transformed the road into an icon. 
There are interviews with Dries Bessels, Nick Adam at the Ariston Cafe, John McEnulty at Grand Canyon Caverns, and Bob and Ramona at the Munger Moss. 
Now, a couple of quick updates from the home front. This morning there is an historic meeting between downtown property owners, city officials, and members of the Route 66 Association of Kingman to discuss development of realistic and practical plans for the revitalization of the district. 
A fly in the ointment will most likely be the owner and editor of a local paper who, judging by recent editorials, doesn’t like anything unless the spotlight is on him. To say the very least, his recent editorials reflect a trend toward inflammatory tabloid styled journalism that contain some very selective omission. 
In either case, I will keep you apprised of updates. There are some very exciting things afoot, such as the renovation of the Old Trails Garage, circa 1916, facade and installation of a 12′ neon Packard sign from about 1930. 
Tomorrow I speak in Laughlin, Nevada at a fund raiser for the Needles Chamber of Commerce. The subject will be Route 66 in the southwest, a presentation I will also make at Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri. 
By Monday, I should be able to provide a schedule for the forthcoming trip. Hopefully our paths will cross, at least for a cup of coffee. 
To wrap this up, check out the morning videos on the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page. As always, your thoughts and comments would be most appreciated.    
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