Notes From the Road

Since leaving home almost two weeks ago, with the exception of two days in the mountains of Kentucky without Internet service, it has been a before sunrise to long after dark schedule. This isn’t to say that it hasn’t been fun. After all, the worst day working along Route 66 is better than the best day at a nine to five.
Along the way have been festivals, museums, good friends, new discoveries, and good food. In short, my dearest friend and I have another grand adventure to add to the memory book.
Day one was a six hundred mile run to the original Las Vegas, a magical place that seems suspended in time. Day two was filled with meetings in Las Vegas and Tucumcari, followed by a drive to Shamrock, Texas.
And so it went. Meetings, driving, visits with friends, good food, tour groups, book signings, presentations, distributing promotional materials from Kingman as well as from sponsors of Jim Hinckley’s America, and new discoveries.
Check out the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page for details, updates and morning walkabout videos from the road. We will be home next week and I can share some of our discoveries with more frequent posts.