Meanwhile, southwest of Laramie …

Meanwhile, southwest of Laramie …

The title for today’s post was inspired by

the tag line from one of Ned Jordan’s most famous advertising campaigns. For those not familiar with Mr. Jordan, or the legendary automobile that he manufactured, suffice to say that he was a very talented salesman, a golden tongued wordsmith that transformed the business of automotive advertisement.

1923-06-23-jordan-playboyI often give thought to Mr. Jordan, William Crapo Durant, the genius beyond the founding of General Motors, and similar super salesmen when cruising along US 6, US 50, or any of the old two lane highways. How did Route 66 eclipse them in popularity, how was the highway signed with two sixes transformed into an icon, a symbol of freedom and of opportunity?

For most Route 66 enthusiasts the story is well known. However, before talking about the renaissance, the marketing behind the movement, and the people that are behind both, there is a need to provide a bit of background.

The most famous highway in the world is not America’s most historic or even its most scenic highway. However, US 66 was a favorite of Cyrus Avery‘s many, many projects. He even was instrumental in having the highway signed as US 66.