Neon Nights, A Murder or Two & Pending Adventures

As if writing about the mayhem and tragedy that was a

Pile Up On Route 66
From the Joe Sonderman collection, a harsh view of life on Route 66 in the 1950’s.

common occurrence on Route 66 when it was the Main Street of America wasn’t dark enough, this weekend I initiated creation of a photo file for use as illustrations. Once again I am indebted to author Joe Sonderman and collector Steve Rider for the use of their expansive archive. As you can see from the cover image for this post, their contributions will be priceless.  Continue reading “Neon Nights, A Murder or Two & Pending Adventures”

I Just Couldn’t Wait!

With the deadline for the new book fast approaching, and an array of

Traveling home from the first European Route 66 Festival in 2016. Photo Sylvia Hoehn

other projects demanding an inordinate amount of my time, a weekly blog posting is the best I can manage. Still, there are a number of very exciting developments that I just could not wait to share.

Let’s start with the European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czech Republic. It has been our plan to attend the event, especially as I had accepted a request to assist with the creation of a Route 66 information booth, and tentatively agreed to make a presentation on Route 66 as well as show the two part Jim Hinckley’s America video series produced by MyMarketing Designs. However, even with the launch of the crowdfunding platform, the cost of the trip made attendance questionable. Yesterday Jim Flynn of Kingman Chevrolet-Buick confirmed sponsorship in the form of airfare, and a couple nights lodging. We still have a ways to go but a major hurdle was cleared.  Continue reading “I Just Couldn’t Wait!”

The Eight Second Ride

There was a brief period in my misspent youth when

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI honestly thought that the path to fame, fortune, and a life well lived was to be found on the rodeo circuit. It quickly became apparent that it WAS a good life, especially if you didn’t plan on living long. More often than not, especially when trying to balance the need to meet a deadline and the need to keep beans on the table and gas in the tank, I reflect on those wild and woolly times as there are some very distinct similarities between the life of the bronc rider and the writer.  Continue reading “The Eight Second Ride”

Welcome to Jim’s World

My world is never boring, is seldom predictable even though I

carefully schedule each week,  is always full of surprises and interesting people, and is almost always an endless opportunity for some type of adventure.  In the last 72 hours, I wrote about a few brutal murders with a Route 66 connection (including a celebrity found nude in a Texas motel room in 1949) for the new book, made a presentation before a capacity crowd that ended with anemic book sales as well as extensive press coverage and favorable reviews, had a wonderful dinner with a very interesting couple, attended a couple of productive meetings and related conference calls, and launched the promotion for a special Promote Kingman historic district walking tour scheduled for March 10. In my spare time I initiated study on the creation of SRT files for the addition of captions to videos, picked up my German lessons (34% proficiency?), finalized arrangements for the next two Friday morning Facebook live programs, and wrote exclusive content posts for our Patreon site, the crowdfunding platform that is a key component in keeping Jim Hinckley’s America going an growing.  The rest of the week looks like it will be just as interesting, just as diverse, and just as busy even though I feel a cold coming on. Continue reading “Welcome to Jim’s World”

Museum Tours, Fund Raising, Road Trips & A Bit Of Mayhem

It is a rather ambitious plan, or a crazy plan depending on who

you talk with – 21-days, 21 Facebook live programs, a Route 66 adventure from end to end.  From their inception the Friday morning programs have served as a venue to showcase authors, artists, small business owners, and community leaders. This fall, if all goes as planned, we will take the show on the road, and introduce Route 66 enthusiasts to the people that add the magic to a grand adventure on the most famous highway in America.

Experiments are underway to ensure that our “Mayberry television” programs are as professional as possible.  This past Friday we provided viewers with a virtual tour of the Mohave Museum of History & Arts in Kingman, Arizona. This was our second program from the museum but our first with a guide. We will return in a few weeks to finish our tour. What do you think? Continue reading “Museum Tours, Fund Raising, Road Trips & A Bit Of Mayhem”