As if writing about the mayhem and tragedy that was a

Pile Up On Route 66

From the Joe Sonderman collection, a harsh view of life on Route 66 in the 1950’s.

common occurrence on Route 66 when it was the Main Street of America wasn’t dark enough, this weekend I initiated creation of a photo file for use as illustrations. Once again I am indebted to author Joe Sonderman and collector Steve Rider for the use of their expansive archive. As you can see from the cover image for this post, their contributions will be priceless. 

Each writer that I have met over the years has a process, a manifestation of their private eccentricity, for completion of a project. My process is somewhat methodical, something that would seem surprising if you could see my office. For this book I started with Illinois and worked my way west. At this point in the project I am writing about bootleggers, hitchhiking serial killers, and some pretty horrendous accidents in New Mexico. A few of the stories uncovered in my research including a one armed motorcycle police officer, a rampage in Tucumcari that left a police officer dead, and a washed out bridge that resulted in a passenger train crashing down onto Route 66 have been particularly fascinating. My hope is to tell the stories in such a manner that readers are just as intrigued.

Route 66: America’s Longest Small Town

Join author Jim Hinckley for an adventure on the most famous highway in America, and meet the people beyond the renaissance that is transforming Route 66 into a living, breathing time capsule.


Meanwhile, there is a need to line up future projects, fund current ones aside from the new book, and to promote books released last year including Route 66: America’s Longest Small Town, 100 Things To Do On Route 66 Before You Die, and Ghost Towns of the West. So, in limited partnership with the Promote Kingman initiative, I am leading neon night walking tours (first one of the season is March 10), and have launched a crowdfunding initiative that provides promotional partners with a marketing boost and supporters with a diverse array of exclusive content. And that explains the Patreon button.

As to the schedule of appearances, well they are a bit diverse, to say the very least. At this time I am scheduled to be in Shamrock, Texas, Rancho Cucamonga, California, Zlin, Czechia, Carlinville, Illinois, and Jackson, Michigan. I suggest following the events section of the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page. And, if you would like to schedule a presentation for your festival, conference, convention, or fund raiser, just drop me a note. Also, if your plans include a stop in Kingman, may I suggest a neon night walking tour to enhance your odyssey?


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