Missing Tourists, Stepping Into the Future & An Update Or Two

Missing Tourists, Stepping Into the Future & An Update Or Two

It was the late spring of 1935 when George Lorius, his wife Laura, and

The Dark Side

Another dark chapter in Route 66 history courtesy Mohave Museum of History & Arts.

their good friends Tillie and Albert Heberer set out on their fun filled vacation holiday. Leaving East St. Louis they motored west on U.S. 66 making stops in Sayre and Miami, Oklahoma where they mailed postcards home to family and friends. On May 21, they checked into the Vaughn Hotel in Vaughn, New Mexico. They had breakfast at the hotel the following morning, checked out, and vanished.

The story that will be detailed in the forthcoming book from Rio Nuevo Publishing is one of many uncovered in my quest to document the dark side of Route 66. As unnerving and puzzling as this mystery is, there was one particular note found in my research about this disappearance that really grabbed my attention. Even though the FBI tirelessly investigated this disappearance and created a file almost six feet in height, it remained unsolved, along with fifty other cases of persons who went missing while traveling in the southwest between 1934 and 1936. To say the very least, the current project has altered my perception of Route 66.  (more…)