Are you familiar with the new Facebook Live Creative Kit? It is an

amazing program that provides everything needed to transform a Facebook live broadcast into a nice, clean, studio quality production. It is exactly what I needed to take the Adventurers Club programs to the next level, and to provide business owners that  support the crowdfunding initiative with a promotional bang for their investment. That was my thought before discovering that in its current configuration it is one of the most insidious time consuming projects ever devised, an endless source of frustration, and in my humble opinion about as worthless as teats on a boar. Needless to say, I am not pleased. I am, however, thankful that the whereabouts of the designers are unknown to me.

Toshi Goto and Author Jim Hinckley

Toshi Goto of the Japanese Route 66 Association and author Jim Hinckley at Rickety Cricket in Kingman, Arizona. Judy Hinckley

After two full days dedicated to creating an intro video several times, and an exit video, several times, loading and reloading the app, and innumerable tests, on Friday morning for show time I was given the message “Please wait while your creative kit loads.” An hour later the message was still there. So, I spent another day working on the project, and testing it. Last night as I prepared for a broadcast, same message. I enlisted the services of a tech savvy amigo, a website designer and program developer. For those who follow the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page, I apologize. We went live at least a dozen times and aborted the project shortly after each test commenced. The video above is an example of the most successful test; this program worked even though it was half in landscape and half in portrait. So, I will attempt to keep the embedded logo aspect for future programs and abandon the rest.

20180318_130724533_iOSStill, as always, there were a number of high spots in the week. My dearest friend and I had an opportunity to enjoy a delightful lunch with Toshi Goto, and last night fans from Australia joined us in historic Kingman for a bit of St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Sarah and TJ, the owners of Southwest Trading Company and a supporter of the crowdfunding initiative surprised me with a gift last night that will enhance the Promote Kingman historic district walking tours. The interviews with Rick Steves were confirmed, and a milestone was reached with the current book; I finished the New Mexico chapter which leaves only Arizona and California. I might get this project complete before the end of April!

$1.00On our premium content site, the crowdfunding platform, we published the second installment from Edsel Ford’s journal written on his epic cross country trip in 1915. Each Saturday we publish a new entry, verbatim, that provides intimate insight into the challenges and adventure that was a cross country excursion on the National Old Trails Road a century ago.

Inquiries received about the walking tours indicate that there is great interest in a bit of Kingman adventure. The tours will be scheduled to coincide with the First Friday activities but can also be scheduled for individuals or groups. My suggestion, however, is to schedule a neon night tour. You can beat the heat, bask in the glow of neon along Route 66, and get some great photo opportunities. Included in the price of the tour is a fresh made ginger ale and a Kingman souvenir. If you would like something a bit more expansive, contact Desert Wonder Tours and include a walking tour as an add on for one of their packages.

Historic District Walking Tour

Please include contact information including email and phone number, as well as date planned for the tour and how many people will be participating. Cost is $25.00 per person.


Word was received that a proposal submitted to tourism in Cuba, Missouri was approved. I look forward to working with the folks in this wonderful community, and to assisting in the marketing of one of our favorite places on Route 66. A pending audio program linked to the long promised podcast took a major step forward, and initial discussions are underway for a weekly video travel program that will be broadcast on YouTube.

Also launched was a new travel planning service that will enable anyone to plan and enjoy a Route 66 adventure like a seasoned pro. For an investment of $100, through the magic of Facebook messenger live, I will assist in the planning of a Route 66 trip based on your schedule and your interests. As added value, I will also provide assistance and answer questions while you are on the road, once per day.

Route 66 Travel Planner

Your schedule, your budget, your adventure. This travel planning service includes a one hour Facebook messenger live conference to help you develop a comprehensive Route 66 travel itinerary plus daily assistance while you are on the road.


As I turn my focus toward a new week, thoughts of new frustrations, new opportunities, and new adventures comes to mind. I hope that you will join us for new discoveries, a few laughs, and a bit of encouragement.

This weeks blog is sponsored by Southwest Trading Company in Kingman, Arizona and through the crowdfunding platform. .






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