Meanwhile, …

Meanwhile, …

Jim Hinckley’s America is in the adventure business. Sometimes the adventure is a road trip, sometimes

it is the joy of discovering a great new restaurant after getting lost on some back roads, sometimes it is hours of research in dusty archives or on line, and on occasion it is a voyage into the unknown. For the last week or so that voyage into uncharted waters has been in the guise of navigating website design, learning about API codes, filing note books, and mind numbing confusion.

Since sending off the new book to the publisher about ten days ago the focus has been on reinventing Jim Hinckley’s America. This includes the website, as well the free weekly newsletter filled with travel tips, restaurant reviews, project updates. I have also been focusing on expansion of the promotional network for businesses and communities that will ensure we are able to assist in the planning of the ultimate Route 66 adventure. It has been quite the adventure.

Let’s start with the news letter. You may subscribe by clicking on the Updates From Jim Hinckley’s America on the Facebook page. We send it out on Friday mornings but on occasion, such as this week it is the following morning. This weeks newsletter included reviews of a b & b in Michigan, a couple of restaurants in Missouri, and a Sunday brunch in Arizona. Updates on exciting new projects such as the Kingman Tourism initiative, and a bit of information about a Cuba tourism project (Missouri not the island).

The summer and fall travel schedule is being finalized. You can find details on the event section of the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page. There is still room in the calendar to schedule a presentation, in the United States as well as Europe, but the window of opportunity is getting narrow. In July, I will be in Shamrock at the Route 66 festival there, and in August we are off for the second European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czechia. September and October is when things really get busy. And as we are developing projects for tourism in Cuba, Missouri, there is the possibility that when we head east for Cuba Fest to debut the new book, and attend the Miles of Possibility Conference, it may be a month or two before we return to sunny Arizona. This rather exciting development moved one step closer to becoming a reality after this mornings discussion with Triss Voss of Belmont Winery, a delight event center and restaurant just east of Cuba.

As always, your ideas, suggestions, and input on what you would like to see from Jim Hinckley’s America is greatly appreciated. We are pretty handy at telling folks where to go, but it does help if we have an idea as to general direction.

Last but not least, a plug for our Patreon crowdfunding platform. The exclusive content posts this week included an update on the expansion of our promotional network, and another installment in weekly posting of entries from the summer 1915 travel journal penned by Edsel Ford during his journey west on the National Old Trails Road. The Patreon button is in the main menu.

Let the adventures begin!