A few months ago I began publishing entries from Edsel Ford’s travel journal as a weekly

Photo courtesy Mohave Museum of History & Arts.

serial on our crowdfunding site (Patreon). This morning I was reflecting on a particular entry and how it fit my current junction in life.

“St. Louis, Missouri, Monday June 21, 1915 – Road to St. Charles very, very good. Struck big wash a few miles from there. Four feet of water on road. Made ten mile detour. Stuck two hours in one place. Road entirely washed out a Mineola.”

A month or so ago I felt like young Mr. Ford (he had just turned 21 years of age before embarking on this trip) after leaving St. Charles. The new book, number 19, was in the home stretch. The newly launched travel planning service, and step on guide service for groups, was showing promise. Plans for attendance of the European Route 66 festival in the Czech Republic were shaping up quite nicely. Development of the newly launched Kingman Tourism site was picking up speed. Affirmation had been received that the tourism office in Cuba, Missouri would be the first to avail themselves of of my community promotional service. 

Somehow, this month has left me feeling as though I have hit the wash out and am embarking on a very long detour. Discussions with editors and publishers about pending projects are in limbo. Development on the Kingman Tourism initiative hit a very slight snag, but should be back on track by the end of the month. Opportunity in general seems to have moved east. Cuba, Missouri is retaining my services to assist with the promotion of their community and to develop a bit of tourism. A few business owners (thank you David and Amanda Brenner of the Roadrunner Lodge and Kevin and Nancy Mueller of the Blue Swallow Motel) in Tucumcari, New Mexico are also supporting my promotional work. Adjustments to the European travel plan were necessitated and that meant a bit of time spent with the airline, and assigned seating in steerage (aka economy class). The weekly Facebook live program hit a bit of an obstacle resultant of a few glitches with Facebook creator.

No complaints, just a bit frustrated. Long ago I learned that opportunity is often found in detours. If nothing else, detours provide opportunity for new adventures and new discoveries. There is another point to ponder when the detours of life are encountered; you can wait out the storm and hope the water recedes soon, are pick a direction and go. I prefer the later.

So, while I wait on publishers and editors, and a few other projects to come to fruition, I will take the detour with a happy face. First, square run and continue the weekly schedule with the Facebook live programs. Two, take the show on the road. First to Shamrock for the Texas Welcomes the World Festival, and a possible meeting to begin moving forward with promotional initiatives in Cuba, Missouri. Next, the Czech Republic. Then a deep breath, a possible trip to LA, and a possible fall spent in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks.

Stay tuned. Let’s see what we discover on this detour.

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