It is no mere highway. It is Route 66, a linear community that spans

AZ 10

Partridge Creek Bridge near Ash Fork, Arizona. Photo copyright Jim Hinckley’s America

eight states and that has an international fan club numbered in the tens of thousands. Oddly enough, in spite of this popularity, there is a lack of continuity with the roads promotion and its marketing, and travel planning can be a challenge as there isn’t a primary focal point. Well, a major step toward resolution of these problems was taken this weekend. 

Several months ago MyMarketing Designs launched a small initiative under the Promote Route 66 banner. The Facebook page has enjoyed slow but steady growth. This weekend a single page on Facebook for each of the eight states constituting the Route 66 corridor was launched. These pages will be a component in both the Promote Route 66 and Jim Hinckley’s America promotional network.

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People are free to share adventures, history, or ask travel questions on the pages. Events listed on Facebook will be added to the calendar of events on each respective page, and then all of them will be added to Promote Route 66. Event organizers can contact me if they would like to develop and post a free event listing. The entire endeavor is being developed with funding from a crowdfunding initiative on the Patreon platform(Become a Patron!). As an additional service I will develop focused campaigns to magnify existent marketing programs for a community such as I am currently doing for tourism in Cuba, Missouri. Your support as a patron for as little as $1 per month is crucial to keep the program active, and for expansion. The fee for the promotional of communities is low enough that it provides a tremendous return on investment.

A key component in the development of this network is expansion of the Facebook live program series. These are also made possible through the support of patrons. In coming weeks we should have some very exciting developments to share. So, check out the pages, give a bit of input, put them to use as the were launched for the Route 66 community. And if you feel that the project has merit, consider joining our patrons program.

Here is the live program from this past Friday.

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