One thing learned over the course of the last six

IMG_1676decades is that I have a better chance of teaching a frog to tap dance than I do finding a way to change the world. Still, I keep trying. And with help from a community of supporters of our crowdfunding initiative on Patreon, we are making great strides in making my corner of the world a bit brighter, a bit more vibrant and a bit more exciting. Put simply, there is a very good chance that when check out time comes, I may leave my corner of the world a bit better than it was when I got here.

This isn’t vanity. None of what I do is possible without partners, without friends, and without people who help transform ideas into something tangible. 

Next week, a project in development for two years moves from random idea discussed with friends to reality. I will be making making presentations for three high school classes. The subject is travel blogging and how it can help the writer discover wonderful things about their hometown, and introduce their hometown to the world. Linked with this is something discussed in 2016 when I was privileged by an opportunity to speak about Route 66 from the standpoint of American societal evolution at a school in Bensheim, Germany. Through the magic of Facebook messenger video, linking international classrooms. Stay tuned for details.

This is but one of many projects that would not be possible without the magic of crowdfunding, a community of supportive partners. Another is the pending fall Route 66 tour that includes presentations about the international nature of Route 66 at libraries, the history of Route 66 for non-profit organization fund raisers, and for museums.

If all this was to be summarized, providing a service in a manner that allows continuance of eating on a regular basis is the overall goal. There is, however, more to the story.

The release of my new book, Bloody 66, has been delayed. I had hoped to use the fall tour to promote the book, and to announce the closing of a chapter. At this juncture, with the current state of traditional publishing, I can’t see myself writing another book even though I would like to close this chapter with the publication of one more book making it an even twenty. So, I am looking to find new ways of telling people where to go. I am looking to the transformation of Jim Hinckley’s America.

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Stay tuned for details. Things are about to get interesting.



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