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Frogs & Tap Dancing Shoes 

With each passing day I feel the stress building. There is a sense that I have walked in during the middle of a French movie with Japanese subtitles and there will be a test in the morning. I can’t help but think that is how Mr. Reeves felt when he debuted the Octauto as the future of automotive technology. 

This weeks projects included final edit for a new book, making a valiant attempt to learn how to operate a new Mevo camera system that was purchased through the crowdfunding initiative on Patreon to enhance the weekly Facebook live programs, trying to get the podcast off the ground, linking all of the various projects with a YouTube channel and in my spare time, working on the projects that provide income. 

The podcast has been an off again on again project for several years. It was postponed after several false starts resultant of outdated equipment that is in need of update or upgrade (laptop is about 8 years old, IPad is about 5 years of age). There was also a need to dramatically fix the office as it hasn’t been touched in a decade. 

And now attentions turn toward integrating the podcast into the blog. Check out the new podcast series, 10 Minutes With Jim, and share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. In a nut shell the program is an up close and personal encounter with me – rants, reviews, a bit of my signature humor, and on occasion some very interesting people. 

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Jim Hinckley's America is a grand adventure on the back roads and two lane highways. It is an odyssey seasoned with fascinating people, and memory making discoveries. As made evident by the publication of fourteen books on subjects as diverse as diverse as Ghost Towns of the Southwest, The Illustrated History of the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, Travel Route 66, Backroads of Arizona, and The Route 66 Encyclopedia, I enjoy sharing adventures and helping people plan for their own memory making journeys.

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