The Morning Walkabout

The Morning Walkabout

The newly developed trail system near Kingman, Arizona provides access to a wonderland of canyons and stunning views. ©Jim Hinckley’s America

Heat should be expected in Arizona during the months of summer but this afternoon temperatures are set to soar to new records. Not that it is needed but this provides added incentive for a sunrise walkabout.

Counted among my many blessings is the fact that Kingman, Arizona has been my adopted home town since 1966. Within spitting distance of Route 66 and the historic business district is a wonderland of deeply shadowed canyons, awe inspiring vistas, desert oasis, historic sites and territorial era roads.

In recent years there has been a concerted effort to professionally develop a series of trails for hiking or mountain biking in the hills surrounding the city. The Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area  and White Cliffs Wagon Road district will soon be linked through trail expansion initiatives. This trail system is one of many treasures that are hiding in plain site.

On this mornings walkabout I decided to follow a deer trail to the summit of the mesa and then an old road to the newly completed Upper Trail. My passion for this wild land is renewed daily.

Stunning views, wildlife, deep canyons, a soaring hawk, and dusty trails that were once arteries of commerce. With each step you feel the spirit being renewed. With each twist of the trail you can feel the mind being cleared of worries, of deadlines, and of never ending stories of divisive politics.

You can feel the inspiration and the ideas flood the mind on the morning walkabout. There is a sense of renewal. As I recall this was how John Adams described the importance of the long morning walk.