A One Armed Legend

Jeff Milton Davis, Wiki Commons

At just eighteen years of age he began honing his reputation as a fearless lawman while riding the Big Bend country as a Texas Ranger. His exploits were legendary. And neither his career or his adventures came to an end with a gunfight in Fairbank, Arizona that cost him his left arm.

The amazing story of Jeff Davis Milton, and the Fairbank gunfight, will be the subject of the Wednesday, February 23rd episode of Wake up With Jim, the audio podcast from Jim Hinckley’s America.These live interactive programs are broadcast on the Podbean platform every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 6:30 MST.

This program is the second in a series about ghost towns and legends of the western frontier. To be included in the series are programs about Crown King, Arizona, the railroad that was an engineering marvel, and a backroads adventure along the territorial era Senator Highway.

Also planned are stories about Oatman and Golraod, towns made famous by Route 66 that were are at the heart of Arizona’s last great gold rush. There will also be a program about the county seats in Mohave County, and the Mohave Prescott Road. Become a follower of Wake Up With Jim and never miss an episode!  (more…)