Breaking News From Jim Hinckley’s America

Breaking News From Jim Hinckley’s America

The Great Southwest on The Big Screen. A century of cinematic epics, larger than life characters and even a classic themed western with an all dwarf cast. Forest Gump, Planet of The Apes, Star Wars and the Great Train Robbery filmed in 1903 all have one thing in common. The panoramic landscapes of the great southwest. And that is the subject of discussion on the next installment of Coffee With Jim.

An announcement about our popular interactive Sunday morning program isn’t exactly news. After all, we have been hosting the Sunday morning for more than two years.

But what is new is the venue, Eventbrite. As our account on Facebook was locked more than a week ago, and as we can’t resolve the issue, we have been searching for a new venue for the program. And while we were at it we were also looking for a platform that would allow for a more interactive program.

We gave the platform a trial run last week. I am pleased to announce that it worked much better than Facebook live, the platform we have been using. Even better, it allows us to make Coffee With a Jim a fully interactive program with question and answer session that includes conversation as well as audience participation. So, after more than a week of unmitigated frustration, I am actually feeling excited about being locked out of Facebook.

There are, however, a couple of issuues that I need to let followers know about. First, even though the Sunday morning program is still free, you will need a ticket. This is the link you need for tickets, for event information, and to participate when the program starts. You can also find infromation and tickets by going to the Eventbrite website, and search for The Great Southwest on The Big Screen. 

The next issue is cost. I will be incurring an expense to use this program. As a result, the cost and the time involved to create the programs may force me to charge a nominal fee for future programs.

If that becomes the case we will expand the program format. But at this time I will depend on advertising sponsors and support of our crowdfunding initiative on the Patreon platform.

Without Facebook and the more than 7,000 followers of the Jim HInckley’s America page, I will be depending on fans to get the word out about programs. This website will become the primary portal for information, updates, and of course, our stories, road trip inspiration, news, and everythign that was shared on Facebook. So, please, feel free to share infromation and links with friends.

Now, an update about Wake Up With Jim, our interactive audio podcast on Podbean. The program is broadcast live on Mondfay, Wednesday, and Friday morning, 6:00 MST. It is then archived for listeners who can’t join us at that time. Here is a link for the podcast page.

We are working as quickly as possible to fully revamp the website. It needs to be streamlined, and as we will not be on Facebook for the foreseeable future, it needs to be more interactive. And it will need to provide fans with information about classes, speaking engagements, events, and updates on books and other projects.

So, please share away. Let’s get the word out. Let’s continue sharing the adventure. Together let’s tell people where to go.