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Five Minutes With Jim

Five Minutes With Jim, a weekly adventure on Route 66 and the the back roads. It’s tall tales, a few laughs and a whole lot of road trip inspiration. 

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen to author Jim Hinckley do what he does best, tell people where to go. 

“Love the stories and his laid back style.” Herb Campbell 

“Jim has the perspective of a man who loves the Mother Road and enjoys sharing his experiences with everyone.” Renee Charles 

“There is no one more passionate about his work and the American Road!” Tim Wilson  

Good food and grand adventures, interesting people and tall tales are just a few of the surprises shared every week. 

Five Minutes With Jim – Your Inspiration For Road Trips & Adventure

Locations Featured on Five Minutes With Jim

Walk through the door of the Sportsman's Club and you step into territorial Arizona. This is more than a frontier era saloon, it is a true time capsule.

A true delight. Estbalished in the 1930's as a Ford dealership, this is the ideal place to share lively conversation, good beer, and great food with friends while watching the traffic pass by on Route 66.

Located just one block off Route 66 in charming Cuba, Missouri, Frisco's Grill & Pub is the perfect place to hang out with the locals, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy a great dinner with ice cold beer.

Detours add a bit of spice to a Route 66 odyssey. If you make but one side trip on your Route 66 adventure make it marvelous, awe inspiring, beautiful Maramec Springs Park

Uranus is a tangible link to the golden era of Route 66 and quirky roadside attractions. Planning a Route 66 adventure in the "show me" state? Pick Uranus for a break from the road.

Looking for a first rate breakfast (or lunch or dinner) in Cuba, Missouri? Look no further!

A true treasure. The century old Grand Central Market is the ultimate food court. As a bonus it is a marvelous menagerie of neon signage.

If getting there is half the fun then Crown King may be the ultimate destination. This historic mining town in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona is accessed only by territorial era roads. What an adventure!

Beat the heat of the Mojave Desert with a Route 66 detour to scenic and historic Mitchell Caverns.

What a surprise! A charming restaurant with excellent pie and home cooked meals in a true ghost town.

This is the only motel (and RV park) on Route, the National Old Trails Road AND the Colorado River. As a bonus, a smiling proprietor and a neon glow under desert skies.

Nestled among the neon and gift shops this revered gem is a true time capsule where territorial era Arizona is tangible.

For more than seventy years Rockfair Tavern has served hearty, rib sticking meals and cold beer in Cuba, Missouri. If you are looking for a classic roadhouse this is it.

Stunning views form the restaurant or pavilion, superb wine, gourmet foods and the occasional concert make this the ideal place to wrap a day of adventure on Route 66

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