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A lively, fast paced, informative 15 minute live stream program to start your day. Fascinating guests, trivia, road trip inspiration, author Jim Hinckley’s signature wit, and much, much more!

Wake Up With Jim


Adventures Guaranteed – Five Minutes With Jim


5 Minutes With Jim, An Audio Podcast From Jim Hinckley’s America

5 Minutes With Jim, a journey through time. Each week America’s story teller, author Jim Hinckley shares stories from the dawning of the auto industry and epic road trips. 

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen to author Jim Hinckley do what he does best, tell people where to go and share the stories that make history come to life. 

“I’ve read some of his work and looked up some stuff on his website but never spoke to him until today. Holy Moly! His voice to me in one word is “comfort”. You know how some people have that voice for radio. This man has a voice that you’d want to have read you a bedtime story every night. Two minutes into our conversation, I wanted to just dig into a piece of apple pie topped with vanilla ice-cream! I guess that’s why he does tours and speaking engagements in addition to his writing.” Michael Poe, Exclusive Travel Partners 

“Love the stories and his laid back style.” Herb Campbell

“Jim has the perspective of a man who loves the Mother Road and enjoys sharing his experiences with everyone.” Renee Charles

“There is no one more passionate about his work and the American Road!” Tim Wilson

Good food and grand adventures, interesting people and tall tales are just a few of the surprises shared every week.

Five Minutes With Jim – Your Inspiration For Road Trips & Adventure
5 Minutes With Jim


Gilligan's Route 66 Tours

If traveling Route 66 is on your bucket list, then you’ve come to the right place! Why? Because, put simply Gilligans offers world leading, self driving tours of Route 66. We offer the opportunity to do it alone, or as part of a group.
Route 66 crossed eight states, leading travellers 2,448 miles from it’s beginning in downtown Chicago, to it’s end in Los Angeles.
With Gilligans, your journey will commence in Chicago and concludes with our guests overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Santa Monica pier.

The most commonly asked question? “How many days does it take to drive Route 66?”
The short answer is the longer the better, however in reality it’s a simple case of time over distance. The total distance is around 2,500 miles, so if you choose to try and attempt it in just 10 days – you will have to average 250 miles day.

Our tours average between 145-160 miles a day.

Each year we conduct TWO fully-guided tours of Route 66. These are known as our ‘Official Tour’ and are 26-days in duration (including travel time)
These commence mid-April and mid-September each year. Group numbers are limited to just 15 couples/cars per tour and are led by an experienced guide/s.

Gilligans also offer our ‘Self-Drive Tour’. These tours are for individuals who wish to see Route 66 for themselves, on their own selected dates.

A bit of advice: Avoid selecting to your Route 66 experience on price alone. Everyone has differing expectations of what they want to see, what they drive and where they stay. Whether it’s the cheapest on offer, or the most expensive – Be clear about what you want, because chances are – this is your one-time opportunity to drive this amazing highway. Therefore the cheapest, or the most expensive tour on offer might not suit.

With Gilligans, here’s what to expect:

  • Start in Chicago, finish on the Santa Monica pier at the ‘End of Route 66’ sign
  • Ford Mustang as standard (insurances and one-way fees included)
  • Average approximately 145 miles a day from Chicago to LA
  • Guests enjoy our own, unique GPS programme with extensive Route Book and a USA mobile phone
  • Drive some of the oldest alignments including some that remain unsealed to this day!
  • Stay at superior hotels and enjoy some iconic Route 66 motels along the way!

Gilligan’s doesn’t provide a ‘tour’ in the true sense of the word – we provide you with a personal experience into the tapestry of heartland USA, the people who live and breathe Route 66, and history that helped forge a nation.

A true Route 66 experience starts and finishes with Gilligan’s.

We look forward to welcoming you to the USA!