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Jim Hinckley is the author of 19 books as well as feature articles. He speaks internationally on Route 66, American auto industry history, and the economics of tourism. He is also a tourism development consultant. 

Judy Hinckley is an avid photographer that has supplied many of the images that are used to illustrate books by Jim Hinckley, websites, blogs, promotional materials. Judy is also the support staff for Jim Hinckley’s America projects. 

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Jim Hinckley’s America is made possible by sponsors & support of our crowdfunding initiative on the Patreon platform. Exclusive feature articles, special offers, discounts & more for our  supporters. 

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"Jim is an inexhaustible source of information on the history and places of route 66 and listen to him while telling the anecdotes linked to this street is an extraordinary experience."
Franco Zefferi

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Ten Minutes With Jim

Unscripted, often unedited and raw but always an adventure; Ten Minutes With Jim, a weekly podcast.

Blog Posts

Our weekly blog posts are adventures of a different kind. One part time travel, one part adventure on the open road but always fun!

Telling People How To Do It

At Jim Hinckley's America we do more than tell people where to go, we also tell them how to do it. Our extensive travel experience has made us a trusted expert in the development of tourism related promotion. Contact us for details.

Jim Hinckley “Adventurer Jim” on TripAdvisor 

Love the stories and his laid back style
Herb Campbell

Here are a few of the companies & communities that have become our promotional partners

"If you didn't attend tonight's Route 66 Meet & Greet with Jim Hinckley's Video & Live Presentation about his trip to Europe and the 2nd International Route 66 Festival, you certainly missed an eye opening experience. Maybe if enough of you who missed it ask him to please give it again, he might; and you won't want to miss it. I would certainly want to see it again and hear all about the remarkable impact our Route 66 has on people from all over the world. Thank you Jim for providing a truly amazing evening."
Steve Wagner
Kingman Premier Properties
"Jim Hinckley is our go-to guy when it comes to ghost towns in the American West. His professionalism is obvious from the published books he has written on the topic, and we enjoy working with him at True West magazine."
Meghan Saar
Editor, True West Magazine

About Jim Hinckley

Route 66 is our primary focus, but this is Jim Hinckley’s America. So, we work to provide everything that a community needs for harnessing the power of Route 66 as a catalyst for revitalization and economic development. Linked with this are projects that provide travelers with tools for planning adventures on the back roads and two lane highways of America.


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