Few things better clarify the reasons that I launched a crowdfunding program than this note from the Inland Empire Gardeners. Please read this to the end, and give thought to becoming a patron for as little as $1, $2 or $5 per month. “I am writing on behalf of my garden club in Spokane, WA. We are planning our speaker engagement calendar for 2020 and would be very interested in having you speak to our group. We would be interested in a talk based on your knowledge of Route 66. ..
We do not charge our members to attend a meeting as a majority of our members are middle class, below middle class, or seniors. Our meetings are also free and open to the public.. 

We can offer your transportation (travel to be book early to ensure the best price) and a speaker fee depending on what your travel expenses are.”
Here is an organization that provides a valuable community service. Here is an organization with a very limited budget ($500 for transportation and speakers fee). Here is an opportunity to introduce Route 66 to a larger audience. This is an example of the type of inquiries that I receive on almost a daily basis. 
With few exceptions, without supporters of the crowdfunding initiative, it is simply not economically feasible to accept these invitations. The feasibility of the community education programs developed for Mohave Community College would be questionable. Presentations made or museum fundraisers, also questionable. So with that said … 
And, if you prefer, we could use advertising and major sponsors. In exchange, we will put our diverse travel network to work for you. 
Thank you –

We have talked about the Route 66 centennial project; the interviews, live stream programs and podcasts on the road. I will be doing a bit of this while on the road in October but the primary tour is tentatively scheduled for May of 2020. 

Meanwhile, I have developed a series of presentations that will be taken on the road in October and offered at least into winter. Each has been designed as an educational program with a bit of fun tossed into the mix. The majority of these will be paid presentations, a few will be free for certain organizations and schools …

The power of pooled resources, crowdfunding, that is our foundation. For a commitment as small as $1, $2, or $5 per month we can –

  • Provide authors & artists with a promotional boost
  • Create community educational programs that provide tools needed to harness tourism as a catalyst for economic development and revitalization  
  • Develop the weekly Ten Minutes With Jim as a promotional vehicle for the Route 66 community
  • Develop the YouTube channel to inspire road trips and Route 66 awareness 
  • Create innovative live programs that that provide communities and event organizers with a promotional boost

Projects Made Possible Through Our Crowdfunding Initiative

Opening Ceremony

Route 66 is our primary focus, but this is Jim Hinckley’s America. So, we work to provide everything that a community needs for harnessing the power of Route 66 as a catalyst for revitalization and economic development. Linked with this are projects that provide travelers with tools for planning adventures on the back roads and two lane highways of America.

Jim Hinckley’s America was born of an epiphany that occurred in 1990. After years of being told that I had a gift for telling people where to go, the decision was made to do so professionally. It began with the writing of feature articles for various publications, and then books (19 to date). Inspiring adventures was quite satisfying but a day job was needed to support the writing habit. 

Then I learned that writing, a blog, presentations, and the use of a social media network could inspire road trips AND enable communities to develop tourism that enhanced road trips. These endeavors could also be used to provide struggling authors, artists, and event organizers with a promotional boost. This was even more satisfying but the day job constrained what I do best – telling people where to go. 

So, I turned to Patreon and asked fans to lend the support needed for me to devote all of my time to the development of projects that inspires road trips and that inspire communities to become destinations for road trippers. 


Equipment Upgrade
Stage One 98%
Equipment Upgrade
Stage Two 75%
New Program Development
Expanded Schedule 65%

Our shopping list for new equipment is lengthy. To date we have added a Mevo camera system, various microphones, tripods, and other equipment in recent months. Our goal here is to create a one man traveling studio for live streaming programs, audio podcast, and YouTube content. With a replacement for our five year old iPad this stage will be complete. 

We are in need of some big ticket items for creation of a rolling one man production company. This includes a portable studio, an office studio, equipment for the making of presentations, and everything needed for editing. With completion of this stage Jim Hinckley’s America will be able to create an historic record as well as provide authors, artists, photographers, event organizers, and  communities with a tremendous promotional platform. 

Creating an historic record for the Route 66 Centennial is a major goal. However, we have other ideas such as live programs to review restaurants. We also have plans to create live streaming museum tours to inspire visits as well as provide vicarious travel for the armchair traveler. 

Facebook live programs that foster community development, educational programs & initiatives, YouTube channel videos are a few of the programs that are made possible thru support of the Patreon based crowdfunding initiate. 

Preserving History 

21-days, 21-interviews The people - The places - The events - The magic behind a Route 66 odyssey

Preserving history for future generations, inspiring road trips today. 

This is our big project for 2020; 21 days, 21 live programs, 21 interviews with the people that make Route 66 special. PLUS podcasts PLUS live programs from events PLUS live programs from places cafes, museums & one of a kind locations. We will set out to create an historic record for the Route 66 Centennial. That my friends is just the beginning!

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