The power of pooled resources, crowdfunding, that is our foundation. For a commitment as small as $1, $2, or $5 per month we can –

  • Provide authors & artists with a promotional boost
  • Create community educational programs
  • Develop the podcast
  • Develop the YouTube channel 
  • Create innovative live programs that inspire road trips and that provide communities with a promotional boost

As our way of saying thank you, for a commitment of support in the amount of $10 or more per month we will send an autographed copy of 100 Things to Do On Route 66 Before You Die. 

More than a mere guide book, this is souvenir that you customize!

Sam Fiorella – “Our most recent autographs in Jim Hinckley’s book, 100 Things to do on Route 66 Before You Die. Floyd & Company. We go here frequently, but finally remembered to take our book for Tammy, Bubba & Lisa to sign.”

Equipment Upgrade
Stage One 98%
Equipment Upgrade
Stage Two 75%
New Program Development
Expanded Schedule 65%
21 Days, 21 Interviews
The Big Project 6%

Facebook live programs that foster community development, educational programs & initiatives, YouTube channel videos are a few of the programs that are made possible thru support of the Patreon based crowdfunding initiate. 

Preserving History 

21-days, 21-interviews The people - The places - The events - The magic behind a Route odyssey

Preserving history for future generations, inspiring road trips today. 

This is our big project for 2019; 21 days, 21 live programs, 21 interviews with the people that make Route 66 special. PLUS podcasts PLUS live programs from events like the Miles of Possibility Conference or Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri PLUS live programs from places cafes, museums & one of a kind locations. That my friends is just the beginning!

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