The power of pooled resources, crowdfunding, that is our foundation. For a commitment as small as $1, $2, or $5 per month we can –

  • Provide authors & artists with a promotional boost
  • Create community educational programs
  • Develop the podcast
  • Develop the YouTube channel 
  • Create innovative live programs that inspire road trips and that provide communities with a promotional boost

As our way of saying thank you, for a commitment of support in the amount of $10 or more per month we will send an autographed copy of 100 Things to Do On Route 66 Before You Die. 

More than a mere guide book, this is souvenir that you customize!

Sam Fiorella – “Our most recent autographs in Jim Hinckley’s book, 100 Things to do on Route 66 Before You Die. Floyd & Company. We go here frequently, but finally remembered to take our book for Tammy, Bubba & Lisa to sign.”

Equipment Upgrade
Stage One 98%
Equipment Upgrade
Stage Two 75%
New Program Development
Expanded Schedule 65%
21 Days, 21 Interviews
The Big Project 6%

Facebook live programs that foster community development, educational programs & initiatives, YouTube channel videos are a few of the programs that are made possible thru support of the Patreon based crowdfunding initiate. 

Preserving History 

21-days, 21-interviews The people - The places - The events - The magic behind a Route 66 odyssey

Preserving history for future generations, inspiring road trips today. 

This is our big project for 2020; 21 days, 21 live programs, 21 interviews with the people that make Route 66 special. PLUS podcasts PLUS live programs from events PLUS live programs from places cafes, museums & one of a kind locations. That my friends is just the beginning!

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