Route 66: America's Longest Small Town


Route 66: America’s Longest Small Town


Join author Jim Hinckley on a grand adventure along the most famous highway in America and meet the people that add the magic to Route 66!

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Route 66 is no mere highway, it is an American legend. Arguably it is the most famous highway in the world, and officially it no longer exists! In 1985, U.S. 66 was removed from the roster of highways.

Incredibly the highway is more popular than at any time in its history. There are Route 66 associations in Europe, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. Companies in five countries specialize in Route 66 tours.  It is America’s longest small town.

In Route 66: America’s Longest Small Town author Jim Hinckley takes readers on an unforgettable journey and introduces them to the people that ensure a Route 66 odyssey will never be forgotten.

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