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Organization to Foster Awareness of Economic Opportunities in Route 66 Renaissance

Route 66 Crossroads Focused on Development of Community Educational Initiatives.

By Jim Hinckley

The ever-increasing interest in Route 66 represents an incredible opportunity for economic development in communities along that highway’s corridor. Fostering awareness of these opportunities through the creation of community educational initiatives is the focus of Route 66 Crossroads, a nonprofit 501C3 established on March 1, 2019 in Kingman, Arizona. The organization will be using the highways centennial in 2026 as a focal point but the emphasis will be placed on long term goals; educate and empower all Route 66 communities through opportunities for preservation, promotional, interpretation and cultural history that result in economic development as well as community revitalization. 

These are lofty aspirations, but the organization is building on a solid foundation. Diana Caldon, president, is the owner of Diana’s Cellar Door in Kingman, Arizona. Caldon has a lengthy resume that incudes work with various groups and initiatives to develop tourism in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. In Kingman, Caldon has continued her work to support and create cooperative partnerships that bolster area tourism. One manifestation of this is her hosting of the Kingman Promotional Initiative, a group that meets monthly to coordinate event development and community promotion.

Diana Ambrosie, vice president, is originally from Romania, is multilingual, holds a BA in Environmental Sciences and has resided in Kingman, Arizona since 2015. She currently serves as the General Manager for Hualapai Lodge and Grand Canyon West Call Center, located in the heart of the Hualapai Nation, in Peach Springs, Arizona. Grand Canyon Resort Corporation is fully owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe. Diana’s career encompasses all aspects of the hospitality business from hotel and resort management, timeshares and property management to all facets of casino operations. She is engaged with local organizations including service on various boards that are focused on education, culture and the arts and tourism alike.

Bilel Kaabeche, secretary/treasurer, is currently an accountant for Discount Signs in Kingman, Arizona. He has a diverse international background, is multilingual, and has a bachelor’s degree of business management and accounting, all assets for an organization that looks to tap into the international Route 66 community.

The board has unanimously selected author Jim Hinckley, creator of Jim Hinckley’s America, to serve as CEO. Hinckley, a tourism development consultant is well known in the international Route 66 community. Hinckley serves as a member on the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership’s economic development committee and sits on the board of the Economic Development Advisory Commission for the City of Kingman. He has spoken internationally on Route 66 history and tourism, works as a facilitator for the Route 66 Association of Kingman to host events and receptions for tours traveling Route 66, and is the recipient of awards from the German, Dutch, and Czech Route 66 associations.

For more information: Route 66 Crossroads

Diane Caldon, President

928-753- 3885

P.O. Box 6981

Kingman, AZ 86402


Touch Media, Developer of Route 66 Navigation app introduces Route 66 passport

Dateline: Bratislavia Slovakia – A New Way to Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Touch Media, the digital marketing and app development company that recently released Route 66 Navigation, an innovative offline travel app, is again working to transform the Route 66 experience. The “Route 66 Passport” with illustrations by artist Joyce Cole will provide Route 66 travelers with a fun, informative, interactive souvenir. As with all Route 66 projects developed by Touch Media, the passport is designed to also provide communities along the Route 66 corridor with a promotional opportunity as well as revenue stream.  

As conceived, the traveler would present the passport at select visitor centers for a special souvenir stamp. Through the visitor center the traveler would also receive area information about events, attractions, restaurants, and lodging, and additional souvenirs. Visitor centers would also have the option to sell the passports, as well as the Route 66 Navigation app that is available with seven day or one-year subscriptions.

To develop the passport project the CEO of Touch Media, Marian Pavel, has enlisted the services of several consultants including Dries Bessels. Bessels is a co-founder of the Dutch Route 66 Association, chairman of the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership International Advisory Committee, author of a guide to Route 66 for the Dutch market, and a guide for Netherlands based U.S. Bikers Route 66 tours. Also working as a consultant on this project is Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America, a tourism development consultant that is currently developing promotional projects for the City of Cuba in Missouri, and Grand Canyon Caverns. Hinckley also assists the Route 66 Association of Kingman, serves on the economic development committee for the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership, and is a member of the Economic Development Advisory Commission for the City of Kingman. He speaks internationally on Route 66 history and the economics of tourism and is the author of numerous books including The Route 66 Encyclopedia, Travel Route 66, The Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas and Ghost Towns of Route 66. 

The various Route 66 projects developed by Touch Media are grounded in an intimate understanding of the international Route 66 community. In August 2018, Marian Pavel, company co-owner, attended the second European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czech Republic to introduce the Route 66 Navigation app and to meet with Route 66 enthusiasts from throughout the world as well as representatives from Route 66 associations and tour company owners. In November he was in attendance of the Miles of Possibility Conference in Carlinville, Illinois during his fourth trip along the Route 66 corridor that included meetings with community leaders, tourism and economic development directors, and Route 66 business owners. 

The Route 66 Navigation app represents the future of Route 66 travel. The passport is a tangible link to the era when Route 66 was the Main Street of America. For further information contact:

Marian Pavel,

Jim Hinckley,

Dries Bessels,

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