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Houston, We Have A Problem

There is little doubt that some communities, some sections of the highway corridor will survive and even thrive during the crisis as well as into the centennial and beyond. However, without the unified sense of purpose and of community made manifest in the U.S. Highway 66 Association, Route 66 itself can not survive. Simply put, we can no longer afford the luxury of myopia or a self serving focus. 

The Phoenix

We are living through one of the most fascinating, most unnerving, most trans-formative periods the world has seen since at least WWII. To be honest I would rather be reading about it in history books rather than watching it unfold. I would like to skip to the end of...

We Have Nothing To Fear (Just Kidding)

Am I the only one that feels like a rabid bear is chasing me but with my shoe laces tied together, and a bag with a wolverine in one hand and a bag with a bobcat in the other, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep the panic in check? Still, the show must go on. And...

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The Parks Area Connection (PAC), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, working in the small town of Parks, Arizona to promote community activities and assist in emergency situations is proud of their Route 66 history. They were looking to increase community and visitor awareness of the historic nature of their town. Last year, PAC borrowed a stencil from the Winslow Chamber of Commerce to paint 3 Route 66 shields around town. Babs Felix, Chairperson of PAC, said, “ It became an emblem of town pride and an instant tourist attraction. We noted people stopping at the pavement markings to take photos, then picnic nearby.” The enthusiasm surrounding their new community addition prompted them to purchase their own stencil to keep pavement markings fresh in the coming years. PAC approached the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona to help pay for the custom stencil and supplies. The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona was enthusiastic about supporting the project. Nikki Seegers, Director of Operations for the Association said, “our community grants were created for exactly this purpose, we saw a need for Route 66 enhancements just like this.” The roads were freshly painted with their new shields the last weekend in April. Babs Felix, chairperson for PAC said, “We had a blast painting for the community.”

CONTACT:                  Nikki Seegers, Director of Operations

                       Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona


UPDATE: Uranus Fudge Factory & General Store 

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Internationally accalimed author and historian Jim Hinckley joins staff of MotringNZ

Jim Hinckley, the Amercan author of nineteen books and countless feature articles on an array of topics as diverse as Route 66, ghost towns of the southwest, the history of highway striping, Chevrolet truck restoration and the history of automobile manufacturing in Jackson, Michigan is now providing a weekly column on the infancy of the American auto industry exclusively for MotoringNZ. He is also providing a weekly podcast on this subject as well. 


President of Dutch Route 66 Association Requests Assitance 

Dear people, I am working on a new edition of the Dutch travel guide for Route66. If you have items you want to have added like a trading post, restaurant, hotel or shop please do let me know. If you provide a photo with it I will do my best to add that too.

Please send submissions and photo’s by email to



Airlines recommend to carry a mouth-nose cover throughout the entire journey

From Monday, 4 May, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group are asking all passengers to wear a mouth-nose cover on board their flights. In addition, the company recommends that passengers wear them throughout the entire journey, i.e. also before or after the flight at the airport, whenever the required minimum distance cannot be guaranteed without restriction. Despite numerous adjustments to service procedures, it is not always possible to maintain the required distance on a flight. Therefore, this measure serves as additional protection for all passengers. All flight attendants on Lufthansa Group flights in direct contact with customers will also wear a corresponding mask.

Xanterra has issued further information on what 2020 Yellowstone lodging and services will be available on June 15–and, sadly, Old Faithful Inn and sit-down restaurants will be closed for the entire summer season.

The losses to the U.S. tourism industry due to the coronavirus are snowballing–make that avalanching–by the day. To the point that the national non-profit organization representing all travel sectors estimates the economic fallout for the country will be seven times worse than 9/11.

Press Release
Route 66 Road Ahead Plans for Financial Sustainment
The Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership has entered into an agreement with The Sweeney Group (Madison, Wisconsin) to develop and implement a strategic financial sustainment plan to help ensure ongoing funding. The Sweeney Group is a nationally recognized consulting firm that specializes in working with organizations that are conducting their first major gifts fundraising campaign. They have assisted a variety of not-for-profit organizations with many aspects of resource development, including both capital and annual campaign planning and implementation, feasibility studies, retreats for Boards of Directors and staff, and resource development department audits. Since its incorporation, the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership has accomplished a lot. The organization established its mission and identified outcomes needed to achieve that mission. The Road Ahead
determined specific goals to accomplish desired outcomes and established working groups and task forces
to take specific actions to achieve those goals. The organization developed principle-based policies to guide
its actions and crafted annual budgets to support achievement of its desired outcomes. As a result, these
actions established an organizational foundation for the Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership. During its first year of operation, the Road Ahead mapped out a five-year budget plan that relied on two primary sources of revenue: Funding from the National Park Service via a 5-year Master Cooperative Agreement and a 3-year commitment of corporate financial support from State Farm Insurance Company. Based on strategic budgeting practices, and an annual set-aside of funds into a Reserve Account, the Road
Ahead is funded through 2023 – assuming present funding and annual expense levels. Though the Route 66
Road Ahead Partnership is financially stable for the next several years, it lacks a plan for ensuring the longterm financial sustainability. To ensure financial sustainability beyond 2023, the Road Ahead voted to craft the following financial management strategic plan at its March 28, 2020, Board teleconference meeting.
• Engage a professional fundraising firm to conduct an analysis of the feasibility of the Road Ahead
raising funds to sustain itself on a long-term basis and develop funding opportunities including the
Route 66 100th Anniversary in 2026.
• Set aspirational – but achievable – fundraising goals.
• Engage a professional fundraising firm to assist in implementing and achieving the plan’s goals.
The strategic plan The Sweeney Group creates could focus on a variety of fundraising tactics, including:
seeking major gifts and grants to fund specific aspects of the Road Ahead’s plans, establishing an
endowment campaign, seeking corporate sponsorships, an annual membership program, or any other
number of fundraising ideas. Whatever tactics are employed will be based on what is determined to be the
best strategy for ensuring the Road Ahead’s long-term financial sustainment. Established in 2015, with the support of the National Park Service and the World Monuments’ Fund, The Road Ahead Partnership’s mission is to revitalize and sustain Route 66 as a national and international icon through partnerships focused on promotion, preservation, research and education, as well as economic
Bill Thomas, Chair-Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership

Air New Zealand Update

  • Auckland-Buenos Aires flights, that are currently suspended to 30th June, will not resume operation
  • Los Angeles-London flights will not be resumed which will see us exiting this route earlier than the planned month of October 2020
  • The non-stop Auckland-New York service will be postponed from October 2020 until late 2021 at the earliest

Travel Style Feature

A Short Interview

Short bio: Before turning to writing and work as a tourism marketing consultant and tourism development consultant, I earned a living in some rather colorful occupations. I worked as a cowboy along the Mexican border and in Arizona, was a rodeo rider as well as a truck driver, mechanic, repossession agent, finance manager and loan officer, truck leasing agent, used car salesman, carpenter, dredge operator, and underground miner. My writing career includes a stint as associate editor for Cars & Parts, and the publication of feature articles as well as 18 books on an array of diverse topics including Route 66 history and travel, ghost towns in the southwest and along Route 66, restoration of Chevrolet truck electrical systems, the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, back roads of Arizona, and the history of the American auto industry from 1885 to 1945. How often do you fly? Once or twice per year. How many countries have you been to? Counting Louisiana, six. How many continents have you been to? Two. Earliest travel memory: 1963, a trip from Michigan to Kentucky. As a side note my parents insist I was potty trained along the highway. Favorite American city: Los Angeles, California.

Read more at: 

Featured Author

Meet Rhys Martin

Rhys Martin is an author and photographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His love of travel was born in 2009 when he sold all of his possessions and left the country. For ten months, he lived out of a backpack and explored southeast Asia and Europe.

After returning home, Rhys looked at his home state with fresh eyes. He started visiting the back roads of Oklahoma and quickly understood the significance of historic Route 66 to the greater American story. He has traveled all 2,448 miles of the Mother Road and continues to explore the quiet Main Streets of the Midwest.

Rhys’s travel writing and photography has been featured in several publications including TulsaPeople Magazine, This Land Press, Route 66 Magazine, Nimrod Journal, Inbound Asia Magazine, The Oklahoman, and the Tulsa World. His most recent work is a book from Arcadia Publishing called Lost Restaurants of Tulsa. The book features the stories of nearly 50 iconic eating establishments in the city, starting in the 1930s and working up through the 1980s.

Rhys is the President of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, serves on the Tulsa Route 66 Commission, and is an adviser for the Route 66 Alliance. He loves to connect with people and share his experiences.

Jim’s Picks

Downtown Needles, CA: Great evening about Route 66 in the Southwest with author Jim Hinckley and touring the old El Garces Harvey House. 


New Presentation Series By Author Jim Hinckley Opens To Rave Reviews 

In the summer of 1915, Edsel Ford and his college buddies followed the National Old Trails Road west to California. In his travel journal Ford noted that in Needles, “The heat was very oppressive. Slept on porch at hotel.” The year prior Louis Chevrolet and Barney Oldfield made a pit stop in Needles during the last of the Desert Classic auto races that coursed along the National Old Trails Road from Los Angles to Ash Fork, Arizona. A journey along the National Old Trails Road was chronicled by Emily Post in By Motor to The Golden Gate.

In the presentation made on February 7 at the historic El Garces Hotel in Needles, California internationally acclaimed author Jim Hinckley wove fascinating stories from more than 150 years of travel in the southwest into a rich and colorful tapestry. It is the story of Native American traders and Spanish explorers, of colorful adventurers and camel caravans, and of pioneering motorists. It is also the story of the most famous highway in America, Route 66.

Hinckley is the author of nineteen books including Murder and Mayhem on The Main Street of America: Tales from Bloody 66, Ghost Towns of the Southwest, Travel Route 66, Ghost Towns of Route 66 and The Route 66 Encyclopedia. His published work also includes feature articles for True West, Classic Auto Restorer, American Road, Route 66 and Cars & Parts. He is also the creator of the Jim Hinckley’s America travel network as well as a consultant specializing in the creation of tourism related marketing and promotional initiatives for companies as well as communities. He has made presentations on Route 66, the infancy of the American auto industry and southwest travel at a tourism convention in the Netherlands, at the European Route 66 Festivals in Germany and the Czech Republic, at the Missouri History Museum, the Miles of Possibility Conference and at museum fundraisers throughout the United States.

The presentation hosted by the Needles Regional Museum, and Fenders River Road Resort, the only motel located on the National Old Trails Road, Route 66 and the Colorado River, drew an audience of more than 130 people. Some attendees traveled from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix.