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From sand to surf, Route 66 in California is a grand adventure

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Yes, Route 66 in California is traffic, and stoplights. But it is also …

The hottest temperatures in the United States. An historic theater district that rivals Times Square in New York City. Unequaled cultural diversity. Time capsule restaurants and motels. Diverse museums. Scenic wonders. 

This is Route 66 in California. 

California Road Trips: Route 66 and Beyond –

The official podcast for the State of California touism office. On this episode America’s storyteller, author Jim Hinckley shares some road tril pinspiration on Route 66 in the Golden State. 

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Jim Hinckley has been telling people where to go since 1990. Here are a few of his favorite places along Route 66 in California. 

  • Fenders River Road Resort in Needles. This is the only motel on Route 66 that is also located on the National Old Trails Road AND the Colorado River 
  • Valenzuela’s Cafe, Needles, , one family owned since 1952
  • Desert Market, Daggett, in business since 1908
  • Jenny’s Mexican Grill Steak & Mariscos, Barstow
  • Route 66 Mother Road Museum, Barstow
  • Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville, meeting the needs of locals and travelers since 1947 
  • California Route 66 Museum, Victorville
  • Mitla Cafe, serving the best tacos in San Bernardino since 1937
  • Wicked Cow Burgers and Brews, Upland
  • Saga Motor Hotel, a Route 66 classic in Pasadena 
  • Cameron’s Seafood, a Pasadena tradion for more than 50 years 
  • Heidar Baba, an authentic Persian restaurant in Pasadena 
  • Grand Central Market, a Los Angeles landmark since 1917
  • Mel’s Drive-in, at the end of the road in Santa Monica

End of The Road, 1926

The original western terminus for Route 66 was in the very heart of the Los Angeles theater district 

Grand Central Market

A Los Angeles gathering place since 1917

Located on Broadway in the heart of Los Angeles the Grand Central Market is the ultimate food court. As a bonus there a vast collection of neon signage, new and old. 

Traditional foods from throughout the world, fresh produce, coffee shops, bakeries, candy stores and so much more. 

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Gem of Route 66 

Grand Canyon Caverns

A Route 66 Landmark

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