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“With decades of experience travelling and organising tours throughout North America, and specifically across Route 66, the Route 66 Tours team is well-prepared to lead you on a road trip itinerary that will allow you to take your dream vacation without the stress or hard work. Planning a trip, and determining the itinerary that will get you from point A to point B with limited time, while seeing and experiencing the best that an area has to offer, can be frustrating and even a little scary when you don’t know the area. That’s why, when people book their trips through Route 66 Tours, they’re guaranteed to see the things that have made Route 66 famous, without having to do all of the planning or preparation. The all Australian team of guides will lead you along the original Route 66 and inform you of what it is that you seeing along the way. There will be little for you to do but drive or ride the historic road and take it all in.”

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Route 66 Tours In Chicago

Discover Route 66 in Chicago with a tour led by acclaimed historian and author Dave Clark.

Dave Clark Tour

Route 66 Adventures in The Land of Lincoln


The Route 66 Association of Illinois is your one stop shop for information about Route 66 in the Land of Lincoln

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Author Jim Hinckley will be talking murder on mayhem on the Main Street of America and telling tales from bloody 66 at the Miles of Possibility Conference in Normal, Illinois on October 19, 2019

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Discover the charm, the magic & the adventure of Illinois Blue Carpet Corridor

A Route 66 Classic

The Ariston Cafe is no mere restaurant, it is a destination, a portal into the 1950’s. It’s a time capsule with fresh pie and great eats.

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