The Land of Adventure

Route 66 in New Mexico is time travel at its finest. The oldest continuously inhabited village in America. The Santa Fe Trail. Civil War battlefields. National Old Trails Road. Ghost towns. Neon lit motels & landmarks.

Jim Hinckley's America Recommends

The crown jewel of the Route 66 experience, this magical place is no mere motel. It is time travel, a restful nights sleep and memories that will be forever cherished. 

It’s Tucumcari tonight! Experience the very best of Route 66 at this renovated treasure. 

Turn back the clock and enjoy a restful nights sleep in 1964 at the one and only Roadrunner Lodge in Tucumcari, New Mexico 

The Route 66 experience doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. It’s Tucumcari tonight! 

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