Gateway To The West

Brights lights, big city and the best of small town America. This is Route 66 in Oklahoma. 

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Route 66 in Oklahoma is the gateway to the west. It is ghost towns, the big city, neon, artists, celebrities and a one of a kind museum, or two 

The largest firearms museum in the world. A cafe owned by the same family since 1927. A world famous artist that welecomes each visitor as though they were old friends. Will Rogers, Sheb Wooley and Roger Miller. Roadhouses and bridges. The big city and bright lights. 

This is Route 66 in Oklahoma. 

Go West Young Man, or Young lady 

Jim Hinckley Recommends 

Jim Hinckley has been telling people where to go since 1990. Here are a few of his favorite places along Route 66 in Oklahoma. 

  • Waylan’s KuKu Burger, Miami 
  • Coleman Theater, Miami 
  • Clanton’s Cafe, Vinita One family owned since 1927
  • Totem Pole Park, Foyil
  • J.M. Davis Arms Museum, Claremore
  • Will Rogers Memorial & Museum, Claremore
  • Blue Whale, Catoosa
  • Desert Hills Motel, Tulsa
  • Tally’s Cafe, Tulsa
  • Campbell Hotel, Tulsa
  • Cyrus Avery Centenial Plaza, Tulsa
  • Depew Loop, Depew
  • Rock Cafe, Stroud 
  • Lincoln Motel, Chandler
  • McJerry’s Route 66 Gallery, Chandler
  • Boomarang Diner, Chandler
  • Seaba Station, Warwick 
  • Pops, Arcadia 
  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City
  • Fort Reno 
  • Thomas P Stafford Museum, Weahterford
  • Lucille’s, Weatherford
  • Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, Clinton
  • National Route 66 Museum, Elk City 
  • Flamingo Motel, Elk City
  • Sand Hills Curiosity Shop, Erick 
  • Tumbleweeds Grill, Texola 

Where East Meets West 

Route 66 in Oklahoma is where east meets west. 

National Route 66 Museum

Are you ready for a surprise? 

Five museums in one complex plus replicas of a schoolhouse, opera house, doctor’s office and a chapel. 

  • Old Town Museum
  • Farm & Ranch Museum 
  • National Transportation Museum
  • Route 66 Museum 
  • Blacksmith Museum 

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