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The Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri has been providing the weary traveler with a restful nights sleep more than 80 years. Today in the era of Route 66 renaissance this renovated roadside relic provides the traveler with modern amenities in a 1930’s time capsule. The quaint stone cabins set in a park like setting is no mere motel, it is a destination. 

Wagon Wheel Motel

Welcome Home

Cuba is Missouri’s Mural City. Cuba is everyone’s hometown, a magical place where the visitor is treated like an old friend.

Cuba Missouri Info

Cuba Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 405
Cuba, Missouri 65453

Gilligan’s Route 66 Tours

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  • Self Drive Tour includes – 
  • A personalized itinerary –
  • A fully programmed turn by turn GPS unit that is unique to Gilligans – 
  • Introductions to Route 66 personalities – 
  • Hotline for assistance – 
  • The 26-day guided tour provides an unequaled personal experience. Meet the people who live and breathe Route 66, and discover the most famous road in America

The innovative self drive tour option puts you behind the wheel of an American classic or new Ford Mustang 

The self drive tour option gives you the best of both worlds; reservations and a knowledgeable guide but allows for you to set the days schedule. 

Route 66 Navigation

The ultimate offline turn by turn Route 66 Navigation app is more than just a tool to keep you on the road. It is a tour guide in your pocket, a travel planning tool box, and a faithful travel companion. 

Route 66 Navigation

The Crown Jewel of The Route 66 Experience

This neon lit jewel in Tucumcari, New Mexico is a true delight. The Mueller family greets every guest as though they were an old friend. Route 66 memories are made here! 

Blue Swallow Motel

A Touch of 1960’s Swank on Route 66

The best of 1960’s lodging blends seamlessly modern amenities at this fully renovated gem in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It’s a time capsule! It’s an oasis for the weary traveler! It’s a destination. Tucumcari tonight! 

Roadrunner Lodge