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"Last summer, I got my book from Jim and had him autograph it. Since then I've been trying to remember to put it in the car and visit these 100 Rt 66 places. When we visit Jim's top 100, we get the page in the book autographed. All of the stops have been fun and we've stopped at some places we might not have done without Jim's recommendation. Like the Vacuum Cleaner Museum which was really pretty cool! We're getting ready to head out to LA shortly and we'll see how many more autographs we can get." Sam Fiorella. Order your copy today!


401 S Franklin St, Cuba, MO 65453

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Tuggie & Joe’s in Cuba, Missouri, a Jim Hinckley’s America recommended restaurant as featured on the Ten Minutes With Jim podcast of January 6, 2019

Modern amenities wrapped in a time capsule, the Blue Swallow Motel 

Cuba, Missouri Restaurants

Cuba, Missouri is home to a diverse array of restaurants. Counted among our favorites - Tuggie & Joe's, Shelly's, Cuba Bakery, FourWay, Frisco's, and Riviera Maya.

Go off the beaten track

Cuba, Missouri is centrally located to a diverse array of attractions, wineries, museums & miles of scenic Route 66

Vacation Destination or Weekend Getaway

Cuba, Missouri can be a vacation destination, or simply a delightful weekend getaway. Would you like more information?

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