This first weekend in November is only half over and already it is proving to be quite interesting. First, with the exception of an hour at the office to set up a new printer, this is actually a weekend off, the first one since the return from our October excursion, which was the first time I had more than one day off at a time in several months.
So with all of this free time I am deeply involved with a variety of interesting discoveries, namely how many things that were left on the back burner over the summer that need to be addressed and how many new projects can I find to keep me busy. On Saturday I survived a trip to Walmart, got a haircut, took another step toward closing my mother’s estate by resolving an issue with the bank, winterized the swamp cooler and serviced the furnace even though we are having a delightful fall that has made it possible to enjoy life without having to use a furnace or cooler (mid 40s in the morning, mid to high 70s in the afternoon).
I spent the afternoon writing a piece on the Johnson Canyon Railroad Tunnel for Legends of America. To say I am excited about being a contributor for this website would be a gross understatement as it has been a favorite of mine for years.
Then I wrote the first draft for the first chapter of the book that will chronicle the evolution of Route 66 promotion. This is a relatively small project but with a sixty day deadline it will be tight, especially as I am also working on the book, Travel Route 66, still have the day job, and am deeply involved in the promotion of The Route 66 Encyclopedia (now available for ordering through this blog).
The evening was topped off with a valiant effort to sit through an absolutely atrocious film entitled Normandy. Still, it was an enjoyable evening as it was being shared with my dearest friend.

Jim Hinckley at the historic Sugar Creek Bridge.

The postponement of a meeting this afternoon has left me with another free day to work toward the childhood goal of becoming a writer when I grow up, for resolving a wide array of loose ends including a couple of home repair items, and for laying the groundwork for what looks to be a very busy week. The target goals for the day include finishing the first chapter on the pre 1930 era of Route 66 promotion, polishing the Illinois chapter for the travel guide by adding side bars about great little detours such as the Sugar Creek Bridge (less than two miles off of Route 66), adding photos to our on line gallery, Jim Hinckley Studio, fixing the kitchen sink, and a little book keeping. I wonder how I will keep busy after lunch?

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