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  • Jim Hinckley is the author of nineteen books including Murder & Mayhem on Route 66; Tales From Bloody 66, Ghost Towns of the Southwest, The Route 66 Encyclopedia, The Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas and Backroads of Arizona
  • Jim Hinckley’s America is a multifaceted travel network (social media, blog, 5 Minutes With Jim podcast, live stream programs, YouTube, Vimeo, presentations, books and feature articles) that inspires road trips and that provides the adventurer with travel planning tools
  • Jim Hinckley’s America is an oportunity for promotional partnerships; an investment in tourism related economic development for communities and a powerful promotional tooolbox for businesses
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Delightful, wonderful, magical Cuba, gem of the Ozark Mountains. A diverse array of delightful restaurants, centrally located to amazing scenic wonders and historic sites, and the time capsule that is the historic Wagon Wheel Motel are just a few of the things that make this friendly Route 66 community a destination, not just a stop. Need another reason to visit Cuba? How about wineries, Frisco’s Grill and Pub, Cuba Fest, Bob’s Gasoline Alley or the truly unique FourWay restaurant.

Route 66 Illinois

Adventures in the land of Lincoln

Route in Illinois is adventure through time. It is a gastronomical odyssey of epic proporations. It is museums and the heartland of America. It is the bustling metropolis of Chicago and the sleepy village of Elkhart. It is Abraham Lincoln and Frank Lloyd Wright. It is a grand adventure on the Main Street of America. 

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Route 66 Missouri

Adventures in the Ozark Mountains

Route 66 in Missouri is the magical world of Red Oak II. It is St. Louis with its world famous arch, breweries and Forest Park. It is the charming village of Cuba and the time capsule Wagon Wheel Motel. It is the scenic wonders of the Devils Elbow and a somber Civil War battlefield. 





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Route 66 Kansas

Adventures in the Sunflower State


Route 66 in Kansas is less than 15 fun filled, exciting miles. It is Smiling folk, excellent pie and mining museums. It is the Brush Creek Bridge and Baxter Springs. It is Civil War battle sites and empty places. 





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“Top notch!!! Great journalism. Love Jim’s work!”

– Jim Liviingston – Photographer


Jim Hinckley’s America


Countries Visited

trips on rt. 66

International Speaking Engagements

Recent Trips

Needles, CA

Jan 2020 

 Kick off for the 2020 speaker series at the historic El Garces 


Pasadena, ca

dec 2019

Research trip on Route 66; trying the restaurants along Colorado Boulevard and testing the pillows at the Saga Motor Hotel

Miles of Possibilities Conference

OCt 2019

The ultimate Route 66 convention. 

Jackson, MI

OCT 2019

Research for new book titled “In the Beginning”

Road Trip 

OCT 2019

Route 66 from Chicago to Arizona, with a detour to Indiana and Michigan 

The Grand Adventure: Part Three 

Aug 2018

European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czechia with side trips to Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia with a 35th anniversary celebration in a castle on the Rhine River 

Route 66 Oklahoma

Adventures where the wind comes whistling down the plains

Route 66 in Oklahoma is where east meets west. It is ghost towns and neon nights in Tulsa. It is Will Rogers and Lucille’s Road House. It is the world’s largest firearms museum and a state capital. It is Clanton’s Cafe and Tumbleweds Grill. It is an odyssey of epic proportions and a place where memories are made. 





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Route 66 Texas

Adventures in the Lone Star State


Route 66 Texas is an adventure in big sky country. It is steaks and Lone Star beer. It is the Western Motel and the U Drop Inn. It is Amarillo and the Big Texan. It is ghost towns and the Cadillac Ranch. It is a barbed wire museum and a road trip like no other. 





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Adventures on Route 66 and the road less traveled.

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At Jim Hinckley’s America we test the pillows, taste the enchiladas, try the shower, walk the neighborhood, sample the beer and make the detour so you can enjoy worry free travel. We discover the places known only to the locals, the special places most travelers miss, the hidden gems that ensure a memorable adventure. And we introduce you to the characters, the colorful and fascinating people that add seasoning to the adventure. 

Route 66 New Mexico

Adventures in the Land of Enchantment


Route 66 New Mexico is an adventure in the land of enchantment. It is the oldest community in America and the modern city of Albuquerque. It is ghost towns, neon nights and a world renowned natural history museum. It is Santa Fe, Tucumcari & the original Las Vegas





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Route 66 Arizona

An Adventure in Diversity

Route 66 in Arizona is a study in contrasts. The Painted Desert. The Petrified Forst. The largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world. The longest remaining uninterupted section of Route 66 remaining – 160 miles of smiles. The world’s only electric vehicle museum and so much more. 

Route 66 Arizona

Route 66 California

Bright Lights, Big City

From east to west the Route 66 adventure in the golden state begins with the desert oasis of the Colorado River Valley. It’s the Mojave Desert and ghost towns. A Wigwam Motel and the Santa Monica Pier. Los Angeles and neon. The big city and wide open spaces. It’s Route 66 in California 


Route 66 California Route 66 Tours

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