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There is general agreement that the town of Oatman is named for Olive Oatman, but only conjecture about why it was named after this amazing woman. Olive survived the massacre of her family, adapted to life among the tribes of the Arizona Territory, and successfully…

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F0r every Louis Chevrolet, Horace Dodge, David Buick, or Henry Ford there are a dozen automotive innovators and pioneers whose obscurity is astounding, especially considering their many contributions.

Looming large in the pantheon of forgotten innovators is Morris Markin, a Russian immigrant who created an American icon. His story as well as that of the cars his company built are one of the most enigmatic in the history of the American automobile industry.

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The professionals at Trotter’s RV are northwest Arizona’s one stop shop for RV sales and service. Still, one can’t help but wonder what they would do if someone arrived with an Ultra Van and requested service. After all the innovative recreational…

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Aside from politics, few subjects are more divisive than discussion about the legalization of marijuana. The truth is blurred by swirling conspiracy theories, misinformation, passionate but misinformed defenders and deeply ingrained concerns. In 1996, California…

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