This mornings post combines a continuation of yesterdays theme, a hint of inspiration, news from America’s most famous highway, and, of course, a view of the world tinged with my somewhat slanted perspective. So, lets begin with some inspiration, something I think we all need after watching two men spend more than a billion dollars to insult the intelligence of the average American, while finding new ways to insult each other, as they proclaimed that they had the nations best interest at heart and that we should trust one of them with our future.

The world famous Harley and Annabelle of
Erick, Oklahoma with an unknown visitor.

First, a good report received from Erick, Oklahoma. Annabelle, Harley’s better half, is still undergoing chemo but the last report was a positive one.
These zany characters are truly, to say the very least, unique. They are also quite inspirational as they always put on a stellar performance that leaves visitors with a smile and memories that will last a lifetime in spite of the troubles they face.
Even though his profile is a bit lower key (you can find him on Facebook), Cort Stevens is cut from a similar cloth. It seems he is always getting the dirty end of the stick but yet he always has a kind word, or something to say that will inspire, a very rare quality indeed.
The next item is also a bit of good news but of a different kind. The long awaited sculpture East Meets West was officially unveiled in Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza in Tulsa.  
With a slow but steady pace this city is embracing its Route 66 heritage. As a result there is little doubt it is on the fast track toward becoming a destination for enthusiasts.
As noted in several reports, Kingman, my adopted home town, is also moving toward the harnessing of the resurgent interest in Route 66 as a catalyst for beautification and transformation. Although this progress is measured in glacial speeds the ideal behind it is correct, if we make the city a place people want to visit, we make it a place they would like to live.
Front and center is the refurbishment of the Brunswick Hotel and the murals for the west wall of the Old Trails Garage. Now, if can link this with the transformation of the east end of Beale Street, something that is well underway, we may just transform Kingman into a destination.
Embracing a philosophy espoused by the Roman poet Horace, (carpe diem quam minimum credula postero) seize the day putting as little trust as possible in the future, I spent yesterday in a wide array of pursuits, most of which centered on writing. Surprise!

First, I completed the second chapter for the book profiling the evolution of Route 66 from highway to icon as illustrated by the development of related promotional material. This chapter focused on the decade of the 1930s.
Next, I polished and adjusted the chapter on Illinois for the Route 66 travel guide. I wanted to include the updated information gleaned from the last adventure, and add some sidebars on detours such as the Sugar Creek Bridge.
I rounded out the day by writing a new feature article for Legends of America. This will get a little polish today before sending it off to David and Kathy.
For this installment I decided to share a few surprises from the infancy of the American auto industry by telling the story of a tangled web that links Henry Ford with the founding of Cadillac, Cadillac with the founding of Lincoln, Dodge as the cornerstone for Ford and Oldsmobile, and Buick as the foundation for Chevrolet. When it is posted a link will be provided.
Adding a bit of spice to the day, pardon the pun, my dearest friend created a delicious pumpkin latte to chase off the first cold day of the season and an interesting hummus and garlic flatbread pizza for dinner. I am not a fan of cold weather having paid my dues in those nasty “M” places (Michigan, Minnesota…) and do not relish the thought of approaching winter. However, with treats like pumpkin latte, I am quite sure it will be much more endurable.
Today the schedule is also quite full. We have the traditional Sunday morning activities, a walk about, more writing, a little photography at the Brunswick Hotel and planning for our new gallery, and, tonight, a movie shared with my friend.
Life is truly a grand adventure, plain and simple. As an old boy once told me, every day is good, some are just better than others.

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