My initial plan for kicking off a new week was an ambitious one that called for driving out to the summit of Sitgreaves Pass on the pre 1952 alignment of Route 66 just before sunrise. I wanted to get a few shots of the “super moon” as well as the sunrise.
Needless to say that didn’t happen. Even though I was able to make some progress on the Route 66 historic atlas, catch up on correspondence, and work on the developing partnership with Legends of America, as well as watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre with my dearest friend, I felt played out all weekend.
So, as it is going to be a very long week, I chose instead to sleep in this morning. In my version of sleeping in the feet didn’t hit the floor until almost 5:00 AM (about thirty minutes past my regular time for rise and shine).
There is a gnawing sense that if I keep this pace for another forty or fifty years it might kill me. On a more serious note, I can’t really remember a time when my eyes didn’t pop open before 6:00 AM. I suppose you could say that I am a morning person.
I could blame it on my dad and farm life. Dad seemed to be forever locked in a boot camp frame of mind, especially during my teen years, and so most every day started with a 5:00 wake up call.
Farm and ranch life seems to have set the habit in stone. More often than not breakfast came at 8:00 or so but by then I had milked and fed goats or cows, gathered eggs, watered the livestock and garden, and shaved.
However, the fact is that I greatly enjoy the still morning hours. It is really the best part of the day for some quiet meditation without distraction, for long walks in the cool morning air, or for just putting together a game plan.
Still, I think the real reason I wake up at such an early hour is eager anticipation to start a new day. This is in spite of the fact that on at least every third day depression inducing tribulations and trials threaten to drown me.
Okay, enough of the maudlin personal insight. Lets talk Route 66 and grand adventures.
Plans are afoot for me to represent Kingman at the International Route 66 Festival in Joplin, Missouri on August 2nd. Suffice to say, I wouldn’t be adverse to another road trip but this would be a business first adventure. I can’t provide a whole lot of details at this time but can say if your a fan of the double six, you might begin making plans to come to Kingman on August 16, 2014.
Everything is in place for a most interesting installment of Jim Hinckley’s America this Friday. The topic will be Galena, Kansas and Sunny Aris, the host, has an interview with Melba Rigg on tap. The program will be available via podcast the next day.
I am also in the process of developing some ten minute history segments for Gary at Route 66 Radio. The initial plan is to shine the spotlight on the ghost towns of Route 66. 
Next is resuming work on the Jim Hinckley’s America video series. A delay resultant of conflicting schedules and finances has put this project months behind schedule.
Now, however, its time to get ready for another day at the salt mine (aka the office).
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