In this mornings edition of our stroll down Memory Lane, I will share a few of our favorite Route 66 locations. Apparently most of our readers enjoy them as well. One or two might be a bit of a surprise.
First, however, lets get started with a few updates. The official t-shirt for the Route 66 International Festival is now available for preorder. This is the link for ordering.

The next item is a YouTube video the publicist stumbled upon. I am unsure who was responsible for its creation but thank you.
Route 66 Treasures and all of the books I have penned are available through the Jim Hinckley page at Most are also available at stores and gift shops along Route 66.  
Last but not least, a little incentive for a road trip. Next Saturday the legendary Wigwam Motel will be hosting the Charles Phoenix Wigwam Pow Wow, a fun filled event that looks as though it will be a celebration of all that makes Route 66 special.
It has been a trying week and there is every indication that this theme will continue through the weekend and into next week. The relatively simple bathroom repair turned into a full fledged remodel as a result of plumbing issues including a water leak. 
The secondary problems that resulted can be postponed for awhile. The game plan at this time is to find a lull in the schedule this fall to address those issues.
Since my current schedule is prohibitive to a major repair project, we closed our eyes, waived goodbye to the carefully crafted budget, and enlisted the assistance of a trusted contractor to expedite things. We handled the initial demolition and this weekend our task is painting, base board refurbishment, and reinstalling the medicine cabinet and light fixture.
The weekend fun, however, won’t end there. On Thursday, for the first time, Barney the Wonder truck failed to start. 
For several weeks that has been indication of a pending problem with the starter. The plan is to evaluate and resolve this before Monday. 
Yesterday afternoon the Jeep started in a sluggish manner that hinted of a battery and/or alternator problem. That too will need to be addressed this weekend.
Of course, if time allows, I should strap the backside to a chair and focus on the new book. There is the looming deadline for the first chapters of the new book hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles.
Still, in the grand scheme of things I don’t really have any complaints. I have a job to complain about, a dear friend to share the adventure with, fairly good health in spite of the hard miles, a wide array of opportunities to pursue the childhood goal of becoming a writer when I grow up, and good friends.

Now, lets continue our grand adventure toward posting number 1,500. Our first stop on Memory Lane is real gem and one of our favorite places to lay the weary head after battling St. Louis traffic on a westward journey.
As with every place on Route 66, it is the people that make it truly special. With the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, it is the delightful Connie Echols that gives every guest the impression they are old friends which makes a stay here so refreshing.
For every landmark on Route 66 there seems to be a dozen or more that lurk somewhere under the radar. It seems that on each trip we discover one of these delightful places. 

In October of 2014, while traveling Route 66 with a group from New Zealand, I discovered the Wild Hare Café. On an earlier adventure my dearest friend and I discovered Angela’s, another overlooked café, this time in Gallup.
My dearest friend and I seldom eat out. When we do it is almost never fast food. 
On the road, however, we enjoy discovering new taste treats, restaurant owners who smile with pride over a fresh baked pie, and meals shared with friends. Fortunately Route 66 is an endless opportunity for such gastronomic adventures. 

In Victorville, California, our stop is Emma Jean’s. The old café is about as time worn as its sign but the food is good. If the locals will support a restaurant for more than a half century, you know it is a place to find a good meal at reasonable prices. 
Good food in unique settings, vintage motels where the past and present flow together seamlessly are a part of the Route 66 experience. However, it is also about discoveries and little detours to amazing places. 

My dearest friend is an Arizona native so fall colors on an epic scale were enjoyed through the pages of magazines, that is until our October adventure in 2012. After Cuba Fest we turned south and made a short drive to Meramec Springs State Park where the best of an Ozark Mountains fall served as a colorful backdrop for the stunning landscapes and historic artifacts.
To close out this mornings post, I leave you with this bit of encouragement for a road trip. 


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