The first item to address this morning is the rally to save the historic and scenic Gasconade River Bridge scheduled for March 14. With confirmed attendance by Wolfgang Werz of the German Route 66 Association and enthusiasts from throughout the Route 66 community, this event is another amazing manifestation of the power in the Route 66 grassroots movement.
Another exciting development that reflects the changing face of Route 66 is the eagerly anticipated release of a detailed map set by the Adventure Cycling Association for individuals looking to bicycle the storied old highway in sections or its entirety. 
Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum during setup.
Next on our list, the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is not only preparing new additions for the museum in Kingman (Willie Nelson’s customized golf cart and a 1914 electric chair to name but two), they are also proposing an eye catching logo for use on signage as well as t-shirts. Would you care to share your thoughts?
Another exciting development for the Route 66 community is the recent launch of the detailed and expansive National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program website. In addition to providing travel and historic information, it also features news updates that pertain to Route 66 and links for state Route 66 associations as well as other websites of importance.
On the News and Events page you can access an array of critical information that range from details about the exciting Route 66: The Road Ahead Initiative to the groundbreaking Rutgers University economic impact study. If you would like to foster revitalization in your community by harnessing the resurgent interest in Route 66, this page is invaluable.
As a catalyst for revitalization, or to boost economic activity in rural areas, the Route 66 renaissance offers unprecedented opportunity. Route 66 News recently posted a feature that provides a bit of insight into this subject.
Linking your business to Route 66 obviously has its advantages. Rich Dinkela has launched the Events on Route 66 website to provide business owners with advertising opportunities to fit every budget, and event planners with an incredible free promotional opportunity. As of March 15, we will be offering business owners an opportunity to advertise here at Route 66 Chronicles.
To wrap up our Route 66 news report this morning, another reason to hang out in the Kingman historic district after the sun goes down there is this item from the Kingman Daily Miner. 
Adding to that mix sometime this summer is the rebirth of the Kingman Club, a bar built in 1944 and distinguished by its iconic martini glass neon sign at 312 E. Beale Street.

Terry and Stacy Thomson purchased the bar in November from Toro and Patel LLC of Anaheim, Calif., for something more than the $43,000 valuation shown on Mohave County Assessor’s Office records, Stacy Thomson said.

She would not disclose how much is being spent on renovating the tavern and renaming it “House of Hops.” It will serve beer and wine only.

The work involves upgrading all plumbing and electrical systems and bringing the building into code compliance for certificate of occupancy.

“You have to expect to put money into an old building,” Thompson said. “This building has a lot of potential and the city is working with us to make sure it’s done correctly.

“I feel like Kingman is all about the downtown area and we need to keep the old buildings that mean a lot to people that have lived here a long time and keep the history of our town alive,” she added.”