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The Great Southwest on The Big Screen. A century of cinematic epics, larger than life characters and even a classic themed western with an all dwarf cast. Forest Gump, Planet of The Apes, Star Wars and the Great Train Robbery filmed in 1903 all have one thing in...

Bob Waldmire, The Green Book & A Mystery or Two

The mural by the iconic artist Bob Waldmire, a pioneer in the Route 66 renaissance movement, on the side of the old Tavern at TNT Auto Center is one of Kingman's treasures. Given the popularity of Waldmire's work the lack of official promotion for this gem has long...

Telling People Where To Go

It has been a most interesting week, and it is only Thursday. Last night I attended the Route 66 Association of Kingman meet & greet at the Liquid Coffee Shop and Bistro, a new business in the historic Kingman, Arizona business district. I had written the...

Road Trips R Us

For no discernable reason an encounter with a toothless old man that sported a tobacco stained white beard and a very odd conversation pop into my head on occasion. The incident took place years ago. I was somewhere in the middle of vast cornfields in the back country...

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The Quest

The Quest

St. John’s Methodist church is the oldest congregation in Kingman, Arizona. Their first church at the corner of Spring and Fifth streets was completed in spring 1889, and the first service was held on May 8th of that year. The church served the growing congregation...

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Stars & Dreams

Stars & Dreams

Florence Lawrence was an unusual woman, to say the very least. In an era when women were not even allowed to vote, she became one of the first superstars of the silver screen. And she also became a passionate automobilist as well as an accomplished mechanic. And if...

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